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Here's what went viral today: Thursday
We read the internet so you don’t have to.
# Virals
YouTube Top 10: because even Lee Dixon is sick of Shearer's 'punditry' at this stage
Cringey commentary, cartwheel dunks and Peter Canavan — Thursday afternoons don’t get much better than this.
# Prometheus
Creepy Michael Fassbender Robot Viral of the Day
No comment.
# Virals
YouTube top ten: because 2011 was a very good year
If exposure to digital media and 24-hour news has all but erased your memory: don’t panic. We’ve gathered all the valuable stuff in one place.
# Going Viral
The YouTube chart: because you've got to see the Taiwanese animation of Balotelli's life
If it’s Thursday – and I’m told it is – it must be time for the week’s best online clips.
# Going Viral
YouTube Top 10: because Rory McIlroy is like the baby from 'Look Who's Talking'
This week’s round-up includes: a German expressing his love of Northern Ireland’s finest, Richie McCaw’s somersault turnover and the most inappropriate goal celebration of the season.
# Virals
YouTube Top Ten: because that squash ball left a mark
It’s that time of the week again! Join us for: a man jumping over a speeding car, the biggest mosh-pit in all of sports and Milan Jovanovic’s Neighbours name-check.
# Virals
YouTube Top 10: because Joey's (probably) okay
Plus: Sonny Bill Williams whaling on a podgemeister, the accuracy of FIFA 12′s demo and a man with buttocks of steel!
# Virals
YouTube Top 10: because your wife isn't remotely happy
Golfing trick shots, Jerry Flannery’s mad skillz and the mother of all headed goals: let our weekly countdown help you pass that slow Thursday afternoon.
# Virals
YouTube Top 10: because trikes are that extreme
Also in this week’s countdown: booty-shaking LPGA golfers, Ben Foden’s cringe-proof rapping and Roberto Soldado out-Fernandoing a certain Chelsea striker.
# Virals
YouTube top 10: because everything's better in Lego
With a Lego haka, coverage of the World Shin-Kicking Championships, a rampaging fan on a mobility scooter and the world’s least effective self-defence techniques, this week’s countdown is all about tempers running high. Buckle up…
# Virals
YouTube top ten: because Bobby Charlton brings all the girls to the yard
From Novak Djokovic’s groin-related pranking of a hapless reporter to Bobby Charlton’s frankly baffling attempt to “bring it,” this week’s top ten is a tribute social awkwardness.
# Virals
YouTube top 10: because one GAA backheel isn't enough
With some more GAA backheel magic, synchronised marching and Alex Ferguson getting intimate with a reporter, this week’s 10-video countdown is a mix of the current and the classic.
# Planking
NZ parents condemn school-organised 'planking' competition
A school in Rotorua is organising the contest in a bid to teach children how to plank responsibly – to parental disgust.
# Planking
Young man falls seven floors to his death in Facebook "planking" gone wrong
The tragedy of Acton Beale, 20, has focused attention on the “lying down game” phenomenon – with even the man who started the planking craze saying it has gone too far.
# Virals
The YouTube top 10: keep your eye on this
Press rewind on another crazy seven days of sport online.
# Work Can Wait
YouTube top 10: because we can't find the Sky remote
Another week… another click back though the best virals of the past seven days.
# Work Can Wait
YouTube top 10: the best virals from the past seven days
Take a break from squabbling politicians for five minutes to take in this collection of dunks and donkeys. (You can stick the trophy in the post, Pulitzer Award committee.)
# Work Can Wait
The YouTube chart: the best virals from the past seven days
Brian Cowen may not be going anywhere for another while, so why not rewind the past week of sport.
# Adrian Lewis
The weekly YouTube round up: because it's almost the weekend again
Take some time out. Here’s the virals this week .
# Christmas Dinner Can Wait
The best YouYube moments of 2010
Rewind on a crazy year of online sport.