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Did you know you can see these things from space?

The divide between east and west Berlin is visible, among other things.
Apr 18th 2013, 6:00 PM 19,221 21

EVERYONE’S FAVOURITE ASTRONAUT Chris Hadfield has tweeted this image of Berlin as seen from the International Space Station, highlighting the east/west divide.

The contrast is due to different lightbulbs used on either side of the city, due to different street lighting systems, and gas lamps still in use in parts of Berlin.


CERN’s Hadron Collider

According to Commander Hadfield “Under that rock (in Geneva, Switzerland) is the incredible CERN particle accelerator”.

The India/Pakistan border

The border between the two countries is clearly illuminated by security floodlights.

Image: NASA/Wikimedia Commons

Mt Etna

Commander Hadfield says:

Our Earth is mostly liquid rock. We live on a thin crust, with occasional hot spots, like Mt. Etna.

An agricultural project in Libya

Las Vegas

Surrounded by desert, Las Vegas stands out..

Image: NASA

A thunderstorm

The border of USA and Mexico

These man-made islands in Dubai

All images @Cmdr_Hadfield unless otherwise indicated

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