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# Vital Statistics

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Eight people could be brought to court over a refusal to fill in their census form
They could be fined up to €44,000.
Weight of history still threatens Connacht's best ever season
It’s a tough run-in for the league leaders and their inter-pro record is poor.
England coach Jones preparing for 'Aussie Rules battle' with Ireland
The Australian claims Ireland kick 60% of their ball, but the actual stats say otherwise.
The Irish aren't making as many babies as they used to...
At present our birth rate isn’t high enough to replace our population. However, we’re also dying less and getting married more.
Here's why you haven't seen crime statistics for a while
The CSO says that it will not be releasing the details of crimes across the country without a “detailed examination” of the gardaí.
Ireland's fertility rate is below what's needed to sustain our population
It’s also still falling.
O'Donnell's defence, Gilroy gains and more vital statistics from Ireland's win over Georgia
Here’s the numbers behind the six-try, 49 – 7 victory.
Murders, thefts and drug offences up, sexual and public order offences down
The CSO released crime figures today.
Shock! Irish people still love getting married
There were 7,760 marriages registered in Ireland between July and October last year.
6 stats to sum up how bad Ireland were in last year's 6 Nations
This time last year, Ireland were the best at nothing and the worst at plenty.
7 prestigious awards based on this weekend's Heineken Cup stats
Tackles, line-outs, carries and the ex we’d love to have back: here are your vital rugby statistics.
36 girls under 15 gave birth in 2011, but teenage birth rate is dropping
The rate of twins being born has grown, as the average age of mothers rises again.
Here's what the average American man looks like, says artist
Nickolay Lamm created constrasting illustrations of men from four countries, using national average measurements.
Births and deaths are down but marriages are up in Q3 2012
The highest percentage of births outside marriage or civil partnership was in Limerick, while the lowest was in Galway.
Birth rate down by 2.3 per cent in second quarter of 2012
New CSO figures show there were 17,958 births in the second quarter, with the average mother aged 31.9.
One third of births in Ireland 'outside marriage'
The baby boom continues.
Ireland by numbers: births, marriages and deaths
The Irish Mammy is getting older…
When is Ireland's favourite time to get married, born and... em, die?
A quick look at Ireland’s vital stats from the last decade…
Irish women are older than ever giving birth
But the good news is that we’re having more babies than we were a decade ago.