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Watch: The Batmobile is back... and it's a different colour

Holy beige, Batman! The superhero’s new wheels got an outing this week, and some fans were surprised by the design…
Aug 7th 2011, 5:17 PM 1,574 5

MANY OF US like to relax by just going for a nice drive – and it seems Batman is no exception.

The Caped Crusader is due to return to cinema screens next summer in Batman: The Dark Knight Rises, but several of the film’s Batmobiles have been spotted by fans just trundling around Pittsburgh, Philadelphia. The vehicles, officially known as Tumblers, are similar to those used in previous films Batman Begins and The Dark Knight – but this time they’re in desert camouflage colours.

Motoring blog Jalopnik reports that the new vehicles run on V8 engines and generate 500HP. But earlier this year, fan Casey Putschwent one better – creating his own road-legal replica of Michael Keaton’s original 1989 Batmobile, powered by a military jet engine. Oh, and it’s also got an iPad as a stereo.

Video: The new Batmobiles on the streets of Pittsburgh

Video: The home-made, jet-powered Batmobile

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