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SIPTU says Irish Water workers are not overpaid after reports of €5,000 bonuses for all staff
It’s reported that staff receive perks such as car allowances and fitness instructors as well as health insurance packages for executives and their spouses.
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'We're on the verge of a really important victory': Large crowds gather in Dublin for Right2Water protest
Crowds turned out in Dublin today for the demonstration.
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'It was a cock-up': Government chief whip says Fine Gael messed up with water charges
Regina Doherty said that the party had made a “catastrophe” of trying to introduce water charges.
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Simon Coveney says water committee seems to be moving in 'extremely worrying' direction
The minister has said some of the wording agreed by the committee is “deeply ambiguous” and at odds with the EU.
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A decision on water charges has been kicked down the road... again
The water committee has voted in favour of adjourning until next week.
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Fine Gael says water committee report is illegal and it won't support it
The water committee will reconvene tomorrow.
# The End is Near
Paid your water bills? You're definitely going to get some of your money back
However, the final draft of the report states that all new homes are to have water meters installed.
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Paul Murphy promises he won't talk about his upcoming trial at Jobstown protest rallies
Solidarity TD Paul Murphy is one of seven people charged with falsely imprisoning Joan Burton.
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Finally: Water committee close to a deal on the future of charges
The definition of water wastage has been defined as 1.7 times the average usage has been agreed by the committee.
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Households which waste water 'to face prosecution' under proposed new plans
There are also plans to give some money back to those who paid the charges.
# Water Charges
Just fining people for wasting water won't be enough says EU commissioner
The issue of water charges will be back on the agenda in Leinster House this week.
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Public ownership of water just got one step closer to being enshrined in the Constitution
The water committee agreed, unanimously without a vote, that it is in favour of placing Irish Water in public ownership in the Constitution.
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Water committee calls for refunds, but Fine Gael still wants to pursue 'non-compliant' households
Three out of five people think households should be charged for excessive water use.
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Poll: Do you think people should be charged for excessive use of water?
Coveney wants a charge for excessive usage.
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So many questions... what's happening with water charges?
Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael are at loggerheads over water charges… again.
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Coveney says he will not legislate for water charges abolition 'as it would be illegal'
The Housing Minister was talking tough tonight, but said Fine Gael were not in breach of confidence and supply agreement.
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Poll: Should people who paid their water charges get a refund?
An Oireachtas committee is expected to recommend it.
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'This is our weapon' - Is the future of the protest in Ireland under threat?
Ahead of the trial of a number of Jobstown protesters, activists have urged members of the public to stand up for their right to demonstrate.
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FactCheck: Did Right2Water this week support charging for excessive water use?
Fianna Fáil’s Barry Cowen made the claim this week, and the AAA-PBP’s Paul Murphy accused him of “mischief making”. FactCheck steps in.
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Against Fine Gael's wishes, Right2Water will be invited to speak before water committee
The all-party Oireachtas group is looking at the future of water charges.
# Water Charges
Irish Water: 'We did not waste €70m on consultants'
Irish Water state the money was spent on experts that were needed to set up the utility.
# Water Charges
Regulator denies saying water metering programme should be abandoned
Irish Water and the Commission of Energy Regulation were before the Oireachtas committee today.
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Water charges won't bring down this government, says Taoiseach
Kenny said Irish Water is “getting on with its work” and is making “real advances”.
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Enda rules out general election and Cabinet reshuffle in the near future
Taoiseach Enda Kenny has also said there’s no chance of a coalition with Fianna Fáil in the future.
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'This is an absolute joke of a Dáil': Alan Kelly on sexism, his poisoned chalice and Labour's future
Labour’s Alan Kelly now finds himself in opposition – and he seems to rather like it.
# Irish Water
In private and no questions: The first water committee meeting
Kevin Duffy addressed a number of the main issues around the water charges debate, including water wastage and paying people back.
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Water meters are not the new e-voting machines - they cost us a lot more
To date, the State has spent €465 million on the water metering project.
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Nothing left to give back: Coveney says water charges money already spent
A member of the water committee said that people who have paid for water shouldn’t be given their money back, as that would make them feel like fools.
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FactCheck: How many people boycotted water charges?
The AAA-PBP says almost three quarters of Irish Water customers refused to pay during the most recent billing cycle. Is that true?
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Poll: Should people who paid their water charges get their money back?
Minister Coveney has said that people who paid the water charges “did the right thing”.
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Alan Kelly and Brendan Ogle have been trading barbs on national radio (again)
Water charges are centre stage once again. Alan Kelly has described this week’s report on the issue as a ‘fudge’.
# Water Charges
Simon Coveney: 'You don't wash your car with Ballygowan, because if you do you pay for it'
The minister also said that people who paid their charges “did the right thing and we are not going to make a fool of them”.
# running battle
If you paid your water bills you won't be getting your money back
The regime may be changing but that doesn’t change the past, says Simon Coveney.
# running battle
Official verdict: 'The vast majority of consumers will not have to pay direct charges for water'
The report describes normal usage as “a public service.”
# Your Say
Poll: Would you be happy with the reported future of water charges?
“Normal” usage would be paid for by general taxation.
# Fianna Flip-Flop
Fianna Fáil TD Barry Cowen says he is not ruling out future water charges
Last week, party leader Micheál Martin said the charges were gone for good.
# Leaked Report
Fianna Fáil hold "balance of power" on 'modest' water charges, says Paul Murphy
A report leaked to RTÉ has suggested that some form of water charges must be imposed for Ireland to satisfy its EU obligations.
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Poll: Would you accept a "modest" water charge?
The expert commission on water is expected to recommend that Irish people must pay some sort of charge to fulfil EU obligations.
# Tipperary
Community thanked for patience as 'temporary' boil water notice is lifted after seven years
Over 50 premises were affected in Burncourt, including a national school.
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Ruth Coppinger: 'The TDs who decided women's destinies in 1983 abortion debate still hold office'
Ruth Coppinger said her party will take the pay increase due to TDs, but it will go towards campaigns supports.