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Opinion: First rule of social media? Don’t engage with The Horrible People
Aoife Gallagher says it’s tempting to share content that horrifies you, but it only serves to amplify the hate.
# Under Pressure
How students at Irish universities are buying unprescribed 'study drugs' to deal with exams
“Once I sat in the library for 13 hours straight and didn’t even take a break. I did my thesis in one whole night.”
# End of an era
After 18 years, Internet Explorer is no longer the world's most popular browser
Now Google Chrome finally rules the desktop world.
# jobs predictor
Here are nine things about the internet that Steve Jobs knew to be true - 20 years ago
The late, great Apple supremo had a somewhat eerie insight into how our web-dominated world was set to develop in 1996.
# Broadband
Your slow internet is likely stressing you out
And you can only imagine how those still using dial up feel right about now.
# typosquatting
Now you will have to be cautious about misspelling websites names
As it could lead you to malware sites.
# TechKnowHow
What the heck are cookies and what do they do?*
*We’re talking about cookies on your browser, not the edible kind unfortunately.
# lookback
Facebook looked completely different 12 years ago - here's what's changed over the years
It’s come a long way since it was called TheFacebook.
# good old days
Want to browse the web exactly like it was back in the 90s? Now you can
A lot has changed in 20 years.
# Q-tip
This is how you check what plugins are running on your browser
If one is having a negative effect your browsing experience, then it’s worth looking at what’s causing it.
# new connection
Good news! WhatsApp web will soon be available for iPhone users
The web version shows instructions on how to connect with your iPhone, but the iOS app has yet to follow suit.
# on the go
These are the best browsers you can get for your smartphone
Apps may be front and centre of all smartphone experiences but the humble browser is anything but irrelevant.
# browsing history
It's now 30 years since the first '.com' website. My, how things have changed...
It’s now the dominant internet domain for major companies
# Egypt
Four to face trial over brutal street stabbing of chained dog
A video posted online shows men chaining the dog to a street lamp and then stabbing and hacking the terrified animal with knives.
# Web Summit
Kenny: Me ringing the Nasdaq bell should encourage emigrants to come home
The Taoiseach rang the bell at the Web Summit in Dublin today.
# sightsavers
World’s first live cataract surgery to be streamed from rural Malawi
Winesi will undergo a life-changing operation restoring his sight today.
# TechKnowHow
How to keep your child safe while they're online
The internet is a vast and useful tool, but for parents, it something that comes with its own drawbacks. Here is how you can ensure they stay safe while they’re online.
# Explainer
Watch: Find out how a URL works in the space of a minute*
*Well, one minute and 22 seconds.
# web of violence
'Spiderman of South Anne Street' fights off determined attacker at Gotham Café
Things got a bit strange in Dublin city centre this afternoon.
# sxsw dublin?
There's (dubious) speculation online that the Web Summit will be bought by SXSW
‘Just rumours’ says the company.
# we're hiring
15 things every developer working in Ireland will understand
*searches Stack Overflow for the answer*
# bee safe
Bumblebee comes to the rescue of another bee caught in a spider's web
He aint’ heavy…
# Comical
12 reasons why Poorly Drawn Lines is so amazing
If you like web comics, you’ll love Poorly Drawn Lines.
# Comical
Here's why Three Word Phrase is your new favourite web comic
Get ready to chuckle.
# Heartbleed
Heartbleed causes massive online scare - but don't change your passwords just yet
Google sites such as GMail and YouTube are clear, the company says.
# Neutrality
The web's founder celebrates its 25th birthday by calling for net neutrality
Sir Tim Berners-Lee is asking web users to press each country to develop a “digital bill of rights,” which would protect it from governments and organisations.
# 22nd century
Open thread: What invention would you most like to see?
Be as creative as you like.
# unlike
25 years on from the invention of the web, this infographic shows some of us still aren't convinced...
10,000 Garth Brooks fans can’t be wrong. Can they?
# High speed internet
UK researchers create internet connection that could download 44 HD films in a second
The researchers used a new “flexible grid” infrastructure which increased internet speeds to 1.4TB per second.
# Istanbul
Plastic bullets fired as hundreds protest Turkey internet restrictions
Critics say the planned new laws would expand the government’s already tight grip on the web.
# Web
US court strikes down 'Net Neutrality' rule
Supporters of Net Neutrality say the decision could give major telecom operators the power to block or degrade services, while promoting their own.
Column: Gentleman and genius - remembering ‘internet elder’ Aaron Swartz
I met Aaron at Harvard when he was 24. It was immediately clear that he was not only a genius, but also a gentleman who was wise beyond his years.
# bright idea
LiFi uses light to beam data directly to your smartphone
The technology allows LED lights to transmit data to your smartphone via light waves.
# sitdown sunday
Sitdown Sunday: The 20 deadliest reads of 2013
It’s been a year of great writing. Here’s the very best from around the web.
# Online Security
Bot visits make up 61.5 per cent of all web traffic
The majority come from search engines and analytics tools, while malware have decreased overall.
# Breakdown
This is how many people use Facebook in each county
In 24 of the 26 counties in Ireland, less than half of people have a Facebook account.
# Web Heroes
Fallon brothers and Paddy Cosgrave honoured at Eircom Spiders
A Belfast foundation that helps young people through sport also claimed two awards on the night.
# Freedom of Speech
Global censorship could end in a decade says Google boss
Eric Schmidt believes that better encryption methods will help prevent governments from restricting freedom of expression.
# web safety
One in five Irish teens have accessed content that disturbed them — survey
The new study also reveals that many Irish teenagers are keeping their parents in the dark regarding their online activity.
# Web Summit
This is what the Nasdaq bell ringing in Dublin looks like
Taoiseach Enda Kenny became the first person to ever ring the opening bell in Ireland.