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A boyfriend desperately tried to keep a bridal bouquet away from his girlfriend

And now they’re the talk of the internet.
May 20th 2015, 8:32 PM 5,429 2

THE THROWING OF the bridal bouquet is a long standing tradition at weddings that most people think is just a bit of craic.

Not this guy – as he punches it out of the air before his girlfriend could catch it:

Source: MostWon/YouTube

We’re guessing weddings are not for him.

The couple in question is Dan Bickerdike and Angie Schultz, who are both from London. They were attending a wedding in South Africa last month when it happened – and have been going out for nearly four years. The video has made many an international headline since it went viral.

Speaking to The Mirror, Dan noted that the move was a natural reaction but that it was all in good spirits:

Although she was clearly a little shocked at first, we both found it hilarious watching the moment that was caught on camera.

The slow motion shot really sums up the desperate lunge to intercept

bouquet Source: Youtube

If you have a wedding coming up, you might want to invite them along for the craic. You could toss the bouquet straight at them when they walk in just to see what happens.

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