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Weight gain between pregnancies linked to increased risk of stillbirth and infant death
Babies of mothers who gain more than 11kg between pregnancies have about a 50% greater risk of their baby dying in the first four weeks of life.
I knew I had to stop overeating when the local Chinese takeaway memorised my address
I’m ready to wave goodbye to emotional eating and junk food, but it’s not that easy.
Column: 'If I could go back in time, I never would've put that first cigarette in my mouth'
On National No Smoking Day, Joan Conway tells how she gave up smoking at 45 – after first taking up the habit at the tender age of 17.
Key to healthy pregnancy weight gain? Low-GI foods
According to a study done by Dublin scientists and the National Maternity Hospital, women who changed to a low-GI diet gained less weight while pregnant.
Dieticians revise calorie calculations: it's now twice as tough to lose weight
US scientists say the previous formula – where cutting 500 calories a day meant losing 1lb a week – was too generous.
Singer Jessie J says she wants to gain more weight in 2012
The British singer says her goal for 2012 is to gain more weight.
Minister rules out prospect of tax on ‘junk food’
James Reilly rules out taxing high-fat foods, but is to ask fast food operators to display the calorie counts of meals on their menus.
Babies of overweight mothers 'get fatter in the womb' - study
A study by a maternity hospital in London finds that a mother’s weight tends to be passed on to their child, even before birth.
Putting on weight? That could be marriage... or divorce
New research suggests both marriage and divorce can affect your waistline.