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Untangle that table tennis net, because this 25-shot rally will make you want to play right now
Table tennis, bloody hell!
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9 foods you've been eating wrong your whole life
We’re here to help.
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Little boy has a pretty unexpected reaction to getting his cast off
Wait for it…
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Hello Kitty is NOT actually a cat and everything you know is a lie
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Athlone car park having an existential crisis
I mean, REALLY think about it.
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Watch this guy's incredible near-miss with a stray rock from an explosion
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Bride walks down aisle with newborn baby attached to her dress
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8 hypnotic GIFs of chemical reactions with everyday objects
Just *try* and stop watching. Try.
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11 times things just got waaay too deep
We don’t know what to think any-more.
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Scary video shows entire street of cars swallowed in Baltimore landslide
Damn, Mother Nature.
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13 microscopic images that will change the way you look at the world
Want a closer look? GET READY.
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Insanely talented guitarist plays 30 songs in one minute
How many can you recognise?
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Pepsi's new ad in London is terrifying people at a bus stop
It’s… surprising.
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This eye-watering near-miss was an incredible escape for everyone
Their guardian angels were doing some heavy lifting.
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Driver knocks over passing cyclist... and leaves a mattress to cushion his fall
What are the chances?
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Dramatic video of double wave over the sea wall at Spiddal Pier
Incredible scenes.
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'Get your **** out for the lads': More un-bloody-believable footage of Andy Gray and Richard Keys
It’s an old clip, but the abuse directed at a young Clare Tomlinson is unmistakable.
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Incredibly lucky goats survive avalanche in nerve-racking video
See how they did it…
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Monster Nazare waves deliver another potential world record
Carlos Burle yesterday surfed a wave believed to be 100 feet from trough to crest.
# Industrial Action
IMO to discuss crisis with health officials
IMO is still balloting junior doctors on industrial action today.
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Record breaker: Woman gives birth to 13lb 6oz baby... naturally
… without even an epidural.
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Incredible footage of a waterspout in Florida
Let’s just say it’s good we don’t really get these.
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Everything you need to know RIGHT NOW about NeverWet
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PHOTOS: Plane crashes into someone's back garden - and somehow, nobody is injured
The 76-year-old pilot used a full-plane parachute to ease the landing into a tree in a garden in Cheltenham.
# Mind = blown
16 things that will leave your mind BLOWN
Brace your brain before clicking in.
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This 14ft-high bike ride will make you feel dizzy
We might be sick.
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The craziest, sweariest college email you'll ever read
“I will f***ing assault you.”
This tower-block bungee jump will make your heart stop
Just like it nearly did to the bungee jumper.
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WATCH: This crash will make your stomach drop through the floor
Or feel like it, anyway.
# Runaway Train
VIDEO: Runaway train races through the London Underground
A video from 2011, released only this week, shows how a train sped through SEVEN stations before stopping.
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VIDEO: Before taking out the bins... LOOK BEHIND YOU
This woman had a lucky escape.
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VIDEO: This? Just a car doing a backflip
Yes, a CAR.
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WATCH: People are awesome… and this video proves it
This video will blow you mind. And improve your day.
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UPDATED: Golden eagle ‘snatches playing toddler’… but it's a fake
Either way, it’s terrifying.
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Pic: Incredible image of escalator being lifted to new World Trade Center
We feel sick.
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Hey! Just after noon today it will be 12/12/12 12:12:12
And it’s probably the last repeating date you’ll ever see.
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In pictures: Wow, this rental house has an unexpected view
Wait for it…