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William Wallace trends in Ireland as Scotland says 'NO'

Sep 19th 2014, 8:34 AM 5,054 3

WILLIAM WALLACE – AKA Braveheart – is a name and image that has been prevalent in the lead up to Scotland’s vote for potential independence.

Wallace, the 13th century leader of Scotland’s War of Independence and the inspiration for the 1995 Mel Gibson film has been the subject of articles like:

cine Source: ABC


thuink Source: Sky News

The Independent reported yesterday that sales of Braveheart on Amazon are up with the DVD moving from 1074th place to 454th place in the charts.

Now, with Scotland saying ‘NO’, people are musing and wondering how Wallace would feel on this day of days. So much so that his name is one of the top trends on Twitter in Ireland this morning, as well as across the UK.



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