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# Wine

This year
Wine industry lobby group launches EU-level challenge to Irish rules on alcohol health warnings
The CEEV filed a formal complaint yesterday which requested that the Commission open an infringement procedure against Ireland.
Mick Wallace: 'Mistake' not to declare financial interest as paid company advisor
Mick Wallace MEP also said that his claim that he owned three wine bars in Dublin was “inaccurate”.
Last year
Tobacco, beer and wine with estimated value of over €300,000 seized at Rosslare Europort
Close to 26,000 litres of beer, over 11,800 litres of wine, and around 77.5 kilograms of ‘roll your own’ tobacco were seized.
Oireachtas to splash out €300,000 on its own brand of wine to sell in Leinster House
The parliamentary authority is looking for a “young, clean, fresh, fruity” style of white wine to put its own label on.
All time
New wildfires hit wine country near San Francisco
The fires in the famed Napa-Sonoma wine country came on the third anniversary of deadly wildfires that erupted in 2017.
More than 1,100 litres of wine seized from van which travelled to Ireland from France
The estimated retail value of the wine was almost €16,000.
Quiz: How much do you know about wine?
Wine not try this quiz, to celebrate the weekend.
Warm winters threaten to put a permanent chill on German ice wine production
For the first time in years Germany’s vineyards will produce no ice wine.
Drinking a bottle of wine a week carries the same cancer risk as smoking 5-10 cigarettes, study finds
The researchers said even moderate drinking increases the risk of developing cancer in your lifetime.
Wine before beer, or beer before wine? Either way, you'll be hungover - study
“The only reliable way of predicting how miserable you’ll feel the next day is by how drunk you feel and whether you are sick.”
'Wine is not comparable to other alcohols': French minister causes stir with bold alcohol claim
Guillaume blamed binge drinking among young people largely on spirits.
Tesco worker fired after removing bottle of wine worth less than €20 from store
Although the retail worker successfully sued the supermarket, the Labour Court found she contributed to her dismissal.
€10,000 worth of smuggled wine seized at Dublin Port
The 660 litres of wine were in a van that had arrived from France via Holyhead.
These are the top-selling goods we've stocked up on for Storm Emma
Confirmed: Ireland has gone bread mad (but we also like a sneaky bottle of wine in a snowstorm).
A little bit of wine can help 'clean the mind', scientists say
Alcohol helps the systems that flushes the bad toxins out of our brains, the researchers said.
Day of mourning declared as 'World's oldest man' dies in Spain
There was some controversy over whether Francisco Nunez Olivera was actually the world’s oldest man.
Dara Ó Briain was extremely confused by an Irish Peat Wine he came across in Knock Airport
Oh the puns.
Growing size of wine glasses contributing to rising levels of drinking
The capacity of wine glasses has increased sevenfold in the past 300 years.
Poll: How much would you usually spend on a bottle of wine?
Give it to us straight. Be honest.
5 foods that alcohol should not be added to under any circumstances
Eating and drinking should be two separate activities.
The wine industry in Europe could be in trouble due to global warming, researchers warn
Work made impossible by the heat, and losses in productivity could see the wine industry facing challenging times, they said.
'We're making whiskey for wine drinkers, not just something to get s**tfaced with'
The firm behind Waterford Distillery has €20 million to spend on getting its product ready for market.
'What happens when your father, the founder and managing director of the company, dies?'
As part of our How My Business Works series, we profile Westmeath-based firm Wines Direct.
Revenue has seized 360 litres of wine discovered on van coming back from France
The wine valued at over €5,000 was discovered in a van at Dublin Port.
Over 780 litres of smuggled wine seized at Dublin Port
This seizure is part of operations targeting the illegal importation, supply and sale of alcohol in ‘the shadow economy’.
People are loving this Mam's hack for drinking wine on the train
France's 'wine police' are working to make sure your wine is actually as good as the label says
A wine baron was jailed last month for a “moon wine” fraud.
Pint of the black stuff the most popular drink in the Dáil bar
Since 2015, Guinness has been the most popular drink in the Dáil bar.
9 fancy advent calendars you should treat yourself to for December
Who says kids get to have all the fun?
This Dublin cellar bar's chalkboards speak to every wine lover
Not that you needed encouraging.
A resurgent economy has Ireland drinking fancy wine again
But excise duty is holding the Irish wine industry back, according to an industry report.
14 things you'll get if you know rosé is the greatest type of wine
17 things you'll only understand if you're a woman who loves her wine
Bottoms up, ladies.
There's a ten-storey wine theme park opening in France tomorrow
This Dublin restaurant is launching a 'bottomless wine brunch'
But there’s one little drawback.
'Enjoy the wine and the mince pies' - Our writers review the 2015-16 Premier League season
Defining memories, regrettable predictions and players of the season are among the topics discussed.
191 litres of wine and over 300,000 cigarettes seized
The seizure was made in Belturbet, Co Cavan.
What Does Your Wine of Choice Say About You?
We know.
9 things everyone does when ordering wine in a restaurant
“I’ll have your second cheapest wine, please.”
The internet is absolutely loving this woman's 'wine workouts'
Our new fitness icon.