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Lily Allen has criticised a festival for not booking enough female acts
“The struggle is real.”
Apple will sell these wireless earbuds for €179, but what do you get?
There is more to them than just the lack of wires.
Using a wireless keyboard? It could allow hackers to see what you're typing
A newly-discovered flaw would allow hackers to track any passwords or sensitive info that is typed out.
Google doesn't just want its cars to be driverless but wireless too
The company is testing out wireless charging with its self-driving cars, by using a special transmitter embedded in the ground
It looks like the next iPhone will ditch the headphone jack entirely
Rumours that it will use headphones compatible with the Lightning port are gathering pace.
This monitor wants to wirelessly charge your phone while you work
The charger is built into the base of the SE370, a 1080p computer monitor from Samsung.
These companies are designing 5G wireless that will be 1,000 times faster than 4G
That’s FAST.
Watch what happened when Steve Jobs introduced wi-fi to people in 1999
Wireless internet. Who’d have thunk it.
6 best quotes from Kanye's "f**k my face" rant in London
“I just wanna be awesome, and I wanna hang around my awesome friends…”
Breakthrough wireless charging method will allow for deep body implants
The development would allow medical devices like pacemakers to have smaller batteries and be placed deep within the human body.
Internet provider posts how-to video... and accidentally reveals porn history
Hmm, “All Star Teens” is an odd network name…
Here's how people are using wireless printers to freak out their neighbours
The wily pranksters.
Samsung has tested wireless internet that could download a movie in one second
The South Korean technology firm has tested super-fast fifth generation or 5G wireless technology but it will be a while before its released to the general public.
Samsung faces new court battle over patents, this time with Ericsson
Samsung has already been locked in court battles with Apple over the use of technology in their various mobile phone and tablet devices.
What are they doing with that analogue space?
Your TV white space could be used by mobile phone operators or filled with wifi frequencies. Here’s what the experts think.
Belfast could introduce free public wireless internet
It is hoped that the introduction of free, high-speed wireless broadband access would attract business and investment to the city.