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Hate football? 16 pubs in Cork and Dublin NOT showing the World Cup

N-olé, n-olé, n-olé, n-olé…
Jun 11th 2014, 6:00 PM 35,493 78

Updated 8.45am, 13 June

FROM TOMORROW, THE World Cup will be everywhere you turn.

It will be on your tellies, in your newspapers, in your pubs and right here on

What if you want a quiet drink without someone roaring at Messi, Neymar and Ronaldo

Graphic designer and self confessed ‘not a big football fan’ Alan Ruane has taken it upon himself to track down some watering holes in Dublin and Cork who either don’t have tellies, or won’t have them tuned in to the matches.

Ruane says he “made a lot of calls” to pubs around both cities and that while this isn’t a definitive list, it provides a secure number of boltholes for those more interested in chat than chanting.

Some of the pubs have gone up to the wire in deciding whether or not they will be showing the matches, and Ruane told that he’s had to make some updates to the map:

Izakaya in Dublin have changed their mind and are now going to be showing the World Cup, however the Long Hall have decided and they aren’t showing it.


worldcupcorkSource: Alan Ruane

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