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China's Xi hosts world leader banquet after two years of isolation
The Chinese president has launched a diplomatic blitz in the lead up to the Winter Olympics.
All time
World leaders to talk climate, economy, vaccines at G20
The two day talks will be held in Rome.
Lorna Bogue: Why swim against the G7 tide? Ireland needs vision for a post-12.5% world
Lorna Bogue says the writing is on the wall for the ‘charade’ that is Ireland as a tax haven.
'God bless the Irish': World leaders send St Patrick’s Day greetings to Ireland
William and Kate were among those who included some Irish in their greeting.
'A moment of hope': Leaders from Ireland and around the world congratulate Biden
Joe Biden was sworn in at the inauguration in Washington DC this afternoon.
'Warmest congratulations': Leaders from Ireland and around the world welcome Biden election
Taoiseach Micheál Martin offered his congratulations to Biden following his win.
Pope Francis condemns nuclear weapons while visiting Nagasaki
Thousands of Japanese people came out in heavy rain to hear the pope speak.
Quiz: How well do you know your world leaders?
There’s a few tricky ones.
Bob Geldof says Aung San Suu Kyi has become 'one of the great ethnic cleansers'
Geldof said that the “old traditions have failed us” in a speech in Colombia yesterday.
Protesters and police clash violently on first day of G20 summit
German Chancellor Angela Merkel condemned the violent protests as “unacceptable”.
Michael O'Leary among world elite heading to secretive Bilderberg meeting
Donald Trump will be on the agenda.
Quiz: Which country's leader is this?
Who leads where?
Theresa May is first in line as world leaders gear up to meet President Trump
Trade deals will be high on the agenda, as May looks to US-UK cooperation post-Brexit
Putin congratulates Trump, says he wants to 'improve relations' between Russia and US
A lot of far-right leaders are very happy with the election result.
Putin and Cameron among world leaders and celebrities connected with high-profile Panama Papers
The enormous leak of tax-related documents sees multiple world leaders connected, together with celebrities like soccer star Lionel Messi and actor Jackie Chan.
"Empty words": Despite promises of help, 100,000 are still homeless in Gaza
A new report by 46 agencies lays bare the current situation.
Immigration officer accidentally leaked world leaders' passport numbers
An email with the details was inadvertently sent to the wrong person by an Australian immigration department worker.
Map shows what every country is the world leader in... what about Ireland?
Which country is the best at relaxing? And what about water polo?
Amnesty Ireland: 'G20 leaders must stand up to Russia’s draconian homophobic law'
Colm O’Gorman of Amnesty Ireland has said the anti-gay laws create a climate of intolerance.
How To Recognise A World Leader: A Spotter's Guide
They’re all in Ireland. So how can you spot one?
900 gardaí to help keep the peace at the G8 summit in Co Fermanagh
World leaders like Barack Obama, Angela Merkel, David Cameron and Vladimir Putin will attend the summit next month.
Column: The G8 summit could have huge economic benefits for Ireland – if it goes well
Using the summit as an opportunity to vent frustrations with protests could be damaging and will only distract the international media from the many positives of Ireland’s recovery, writes Samuel Brazys.
In pics, videos: the 12 most awkward greetings of world leaders
It’s going to take a lot of diplomacy to smooth these over…
End of G8 summit: Obama talks of 'emerging consensus' on economic fix
The US President spoke of an emerging consensus to promote growth and job creation , while the German Chancellor added that austerity was still on the agenda.
Cheer up, Enda! EU leader sends Taoiseach 'Book of Happiness'
European Council chairman Herman van Rompuy sent the self-help tome to Enda and other world leaders for Christmas.