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This guy live-tweeted his 8 hour long customer service call from hell

He was on hold from 3.30pm to 11pm. HOW.

CANADIAN MAN CORBIN Smith ordered his dad a Christmas present from the company TigerDirect.ca – but the next day, he got an email telling him his order had been cancelled.

OvvBTmJ3 Source: Twitter/@corbinsmith

Smith rang up customer service and expected to step out of the office for a few minutes to deal with the call… Little did he know what was about to unfold.

According to Buzzfeed Canada, he called up at 3.30pm and spoke to someone who checked his account, then placed him on hold.

He was on hold for one hour

Two hours

Three hours

Five hours

Smith spent the rest of the afternoon with one earphone in to monitor the call – in the time he was on hold, he had meetings, went to the bathroom three times, cycled home, and made dinner.

As the eighth hour of his ordeal approached (just after 11pm), he even set up a crowdfunding campaign to get him some more sustaining pizza.

He didn’t get too far, because his iPhone ended the call of its own accord after exactly eight hours.

He received an email from Tiger Direct shortly after ending his call, asking if the company could ring Smith for a chat… But they never called.

Smith says he has no choice but to call back and go through it all over again, telling Buzzfeed:

I feel like I’ve started something that I have to see to the end. If I don’t call them back today I’m letting The Man win.

Godspeed, Corbin.

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