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15 nightmare flatmates you definitely don't want to live with

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Aug 20th 2014, 1:00 PM 46,341 38

THE SCUFFLE HAS begun to find accommodation all over the country, for students and young professionals alike.

The person who ends up becoming your flatmate will either become one of your best friends or one of your worst enemies.

Let’s hope you don’t end up with one of these.

1. The gas ticket who likes to scare the bejesus out of you with their basic pranks

NOdGE Source: Imgur

2. That one guy who uses the fridge for his weird side hobbies

WfmwYR4 Source: Imgur

3. Or bodily fluids

We do not accept this apology.

funny-roommate-pee-fridge Source: Smosh

4. The flatmate who has no idea where the toilet roll lives

A sin.

UIhiZbg Source: Imgur


Toilet-Paper-Holder-Not-Working Source: Dailyhomerenotips

5. The control freak

Five minutes for a shower? That’s just our hair time, there needs to be at least 10 minutes put aside for shower thoughts.

jHWVj Source: Imgur

But no, not on their watch.


6. Then there’s those who are religiously against washing their dishes

greenstuffmed Source: Hobokengirl

chum-2 Source: Amazngfacts

7. Those who never pay their fair share

Causing you to come up with creative ways to bring it up without releasing a world of awkwardness.

x8yS4Lh Source: Imgur

8. The jokers who never take your whining seriously

In this case, they’re 100% right.


chum-6 Source: Amazngfacts

9. The gross ones with no sense of personal space or boundaries

And are honest in a way you never thought you’d grow to despise.

roomate-pic Source: Carpecollege

funny-rooomate-note-boob-out Source: Smosh

10. The coward who leaves you to deal with all the monstrous creatures that invade your home

funny-rooomate-note-spider Source: Smosh

52a795788cb39 Source: Happyplace

11. The guy who shares… your stuff, with themselves

5b8e6e9233c30ac63f71238aafb6e421 Source: Pinterest

12. Or the one who is absolutely NOT sharing

So much hate.

bawp4fV Source: Imgur

cereal Source: Whodrankmymilk

13. The long-haired lady whose flowing locks migrate into the shower drain after every wash

51ec12878e2e3 Source: Happyplace

14. How about the fast food addict who can’t seem to get a bin to function?

The stuff we dream of when browsing Daft.

college-setups-189-850x637 Source: Thedistractionnetwork

15. And finally, this laid-back gem

533e4c49687af Source: Happyplace

Brb, running away screaming.


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