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The absolute worst things about having girl hair

Come, share your pain.
Nov 23rd 2013, 1:00 PM 32,222 43

THERE IS LOTS to love about being a girl and having girl hair.

There are so many things you can do with it and if you need a boost it’s easy to make a change.

However, that doesn’t mean it’s without its challenges.  If fact, there are lots of them.

Here are the worst things about having girl hair.

Drying it

tumblr_maptsrbZfC1rabhr1o2_500 Oh sure Louis, it's fine for you with your short hair. You don't know our pain.

It takes ages.  It takes ages.  And that’s even if you’re not doing any kind of fancy drying with multiple round brushes.

Some lucky people are able to just let their hair dry naturally but for others, this is texturally impractical… also if you let it dry in the winter you’ll freeze.


Behind the Scenes with Aveda™ - Osklen SS14 - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New York Spring Summer 2014 - #MBFW #NYFW - September 17, 2013 - Creative Commons (cc) photos distributed by Mainstream via Aveda Corporation Source: goMainstream

Most girls need to use some sort of product in order to be happy with their hair, and guess what?  This product costs money!

Also, most people need to try lots of different things before they find what they actually want resulting in lots and lots of waste and lots and lots of bottles taking up space in your bathroom or other storage area. (Obviously you should give or throw these away, but you’ve spent good money on them dammit!)


original Source: Ebay

Depending on your hair type, dealing with your tangles can be an intense daily battle or it may just be an occasionaly daliance with misery.

One thing’s for sure, if you have long hair you will experience a knot of epic proportions many times in your life.  If you’re particularly unlucky you may experience one of those knots while drying your hair, resulting in one of the aforementioned round brushes.

Never being able to find a hair bobbin

I don't know. Do you think I have enough hair ties in my purse? Source: fuzzcat

When you don’t need one, they’re everywhere.

When you do need one, they are nowhere to be seen.  Same goes for hair clips.

Hair bobbins not being able for your hair

broken Source: Twitter

Not every hair bobbin is made of strong stuff, and there are few things more frustrating than managing to find one of them only for it to snap as you wind it around your hair.

Hours in the hairdresser

Jeff D's Hair Show Source: aprillynn77

A hair cut?  Fine, you could be in and out in an hour.

Getting your hair coloured?  Much longer. One member of the team once spent six hours in the hairdressers chair (crying intermittently because she’d just broken up with her boyfriend).

In-hairdresser disappointment


In the journey towards finding your spirit hairdresser you will experience/have experienced this many times:

You tell them what you want.

You show them a photo.

They do whatever the hell they feel like.  (Always involving layers, even if you’ve specified that you don’t want them.)

Post-hairdresser disappointment

hair-commercial Girl leaving the salon.

You leave the hairdresser feeling like someone in a shampoo ad.  You feel like a superstar!  This is your dream hair!  You’ve finally found it!

Then you wash it and realise it was all a mirage.  It will never look that good again because you are an inferior human being who does not possess the magical powers of your hairdressing wizard.


tumblr_m5sq2lYLVw1qcjyw6o1_500 Source: TUmblr/Sixtiesrevival

If you don’t have one, you’re probably thinking about getting one.

If you have one, you’re probably thinking about growing it out.

If you’re growing it out, it’s a major pain in the ass.


Monica with friz hair Source: A Makeup Chick

Humidity = frizz.

Rain = frizz.

Heat = sweat = frizz.

Wind = MESS.

The weather is the enemy of girl hair.


That-s-all-miranda-priestly-32140162-500-330 Of course if you are as cool as Miranda Priestly and embrace the grey, you have nothing to worry about.

Lots of girls with grey hair feel that they have to cover it up.  This is tedious and expensive and a reminder of aging that most people could do without.


Undercut Oh sure, you're cool and edgy now, but wait til you try to grow that bad boy out! Source: emmanuellexlouise

Undercuts look really cool but If you’ve ever had an undercut, you know the pain of growing it out.

It takes months, if not years, and the interim period is not pretty.


cutting-hair-gif You might as well just cut it all off.

If you have curly hair you probably wish it was staight. If you have straight hair you probably wish it was curly.  Thick, think, long, short, we’re never happy with what we actually have.

Still… at least most of us don’t have to worry about going bald, eh?

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