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The 19 most annoying things about work

Sometimes, it just isn’t all that.
Apr 23rd 2013, 10:30 PM 52,612 80

IN THESE TIMES you’re lucky to have a job, right?

But it’s not ALL gravy. Do you recognise these things?

1. The early morning starts

2. That unmistakeable ‘I’m wasting my life’ feeling on the commute

Flickr/Cory M. Grenier

3. If you’re ever hungover at your desk


4. When your computer crashes

5. When there’s a huge long email thread you’ve missed the start of

6. The boss saying “I need to talk to you later”


7. When you have to do pointless busywork

8. The office air conditioning being set to ‘Shackleton’s Cabin’


9. Sitting next to this person… all… day.

10. Having to eat at your desk

And feeling disgusting.


11. And let’s not even talk about the office fridge

12. When your dreams are suddenly like this

13. And you are tired, always

14. And you find yourself talking about work all the time

Just like those awful, boring adults you swore you’d never be.


15. Accidentally opening something… unsuitable… just as your boss is walking past


(Obviously it could be worse than this.)

16. Receiving ‘fun’ emails from the HR department

And wanting to die a little bit inside.


17. When all you can do is watch this guy


18. When you think it’s Friday, and it’s not

19. And when you open your paycheque

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