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# you had one job

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# you had one job
CNN accidentally used footage of Jimmy Carr pretending to work in Starbucks for a story
The footage was from a 2012 sketch where Jimmy worked as a barista for a day.
# you had one job
Trump stared directly at the solar eclipse without glasses on and it's already a brilliant meme
Ah stop.
# no ragrets
17 people who have made worse life mistakes than you
Something to be thankful for.
# chicane
This could be the most Irish cycle lane in existence
Whoever marked out this lane on Griffith Avenue in Dublin has a great regard for public litter bins.
# you had one job
The most Irish bike lane ever has been spotted in Dublin
Won’t somebody think of the bins?
# you had one job
Spurs apologise after they spell sporting legend's name wrong on trip to White Hart Lane
Lads, for the last time… It’s ‘Gretzky’.
# burn this world
18 dangerous monsters who need to be stopped
This cannot be allowed to continue.
# you had one job
Awkward: A postman was caught after stealing 13,694 letters and 6,000 postcards
The man suffered from a compulsive hoarding disorder.
# you had one job
The new Band Aid 30 video spells Bob Geldof's name wrong
The name’s Gelfdof. Bob Gelfdof.
# you had one job
Lewis Hamilton wins Chinese Grand Prix twice after chequered flag mix-up
A mistake by a steward means the race officially ended two laps earlier than planned.
# employee of the month
25 people who said 'Uh... close enough'
Not even trying.
# Lesus Walks
Lesus Christ? Vatican withdraws medals over misspelling
They probably should have let Lesus take the wheel on this one.
# so sorry
We're sorry, but these images will fill you with rage
Deep breaths.