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This 10-year-old boy made a speech at his granddad's funeral. It will make you cry.

May 18th 2014, 4:58 PM 4,611 1

THIS IS A ten-year-old boy named Orin, whose grandfather recently passed away.

The funeral service was filmed by one of the attendees, probably for family far away or overseas. And something very special happened.

According to Gayle Jenkins, who uploaded this to YouTube:

Orin watched as others spoke about his beloved grandfather. Toward the end of the service, Orin was inspired to come up and offer his own tribute to his grandfather.

Here it is:

Source: Gayle Jenkins/YouTube

It’s funny, sad, and powerful. As Orin says:

I wish he would have died a different way. I wish he would have died of old age. But Papa lives on. Because me and my sister go to school together and learn. And that’s what my grandfather believed in.

via Reddit

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