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8 extremely comforting YouTube channels to get lost in

Try not to start up ’til 3am watching them though.

1. Cooking with Cooking Mama (GameTim)

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If you owned a Nintendo DS at any point in your life, you probably played Cooking Mama at some point. It’s a cooking simulation game in a really cute animation style. You can make everything from pies to udon noodles.

Tim from GameTim cooks along in real-life with the game recipes, following the game’s exact (and extremely simplified) instructions. Sometimes it’s a disaster, other times it’s great! However, it is ALWAYS extremely pleasant.

2. Tiny Kitchen (Tastemade)

Source: Tastemade

Who knew people making miniature, edible replicas of real life meals could be so enjoyable?

This is how I’d imagine Sylvannian Families would cook.

3. Lil Bub

Lil BuB was the runt of an otherwise healthy litter from a stray outdoor mother, and was born with several genetic mutations that make her special.

On her channel, you can watch her play with bubbles, toys and relax by the fire.

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4. McClure Twins Family

Remember that video of those baby girl twins realising they were twins that went mad viral? This is them. They’re a bit bigger now, but still JUST as gas and cute.

Here are their twin goals for 2018.

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5. The Ellen Show

You can’t really go wrong here, can you? You may want to avoid the scaring compilations if you’re of a nervous disposition, but she’s always mad for helping people.

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So wholesome.

6. How It’s Made (Discovery UK)

It is extremely satisfying watching semeingly mundane every day objects actually being put together.

Bonus points to the extremely dry narrator, particularly his cutting comment on the the ‘Sprinkles’ episode.

Cake sprinkles have been around for millions of years.”

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7. Katie Jobling

Katie shares time-lapse paintings, studio scenes and art tips on her channel. She’s a female Bob Ross.

WARNING – very soothing scenes ahead.

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8. Amanda Rach Lee

Amanda’s channel covers a lot of different subjects, include bullet journaling and calligraphy.

She’s exceptionally good at both, to the point where she’s pretty enchanting to watch.

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