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# feels
Teen girl's heartwarming Christmas letter to her divorcee dad is going viral
It’s lovely, just lovely.
# wrapit
Benny the dog has a unique talent for opening presents
Santa’s little helper.
# groan
11 of this year's Christmas cracker jokes that will make you give up on the world
# ch-limbo
Christmas holiday limbo is in full swing. What day even is it?
We have the answers that matter.
# bags of gifts
Here's how to ensure your mam never cooks Christmas dinner for you again
An unspeakably cruel prank.
# Crackers
9 times the damn fortune-telling fish ruined Christmas for everyone
HOW is ‘passionate’ a fortune?
# carry on screaming
Irish girl absolutely FREAKS OUT after getting a car for Christmas
# santa spotting
Watch this kid's magical reaction to capturing Santa on hidden camera
His little FACE.
# Puppy
Little boy's emotional reaction to his new puppy will warm your icy heart
It’s all just TOO MUCH.
# to santa
Here's what happens to your Christmas cards at the Dublin mail centre
It’s strangely spellbinding.
# pug life
This little pug has beautifully parodied All I Want For Christmas Is You
All he wants is food. FOOD.
# chrimbo
10 bizarre festive foods that will put you off your Christmas dinner
Turkey doughnut, anyone?
# white custard
Irish people taste eggnog... in slow motion
“It’s like custard, but white”.
# tatts nice
7 strangely impressive Christmas tattoos
Oh dear.
# santa sign
Town's Santa learns sign language so he can speak to little girl who is deaf
Santa, what a guy.
9 adorable Santa letters from Irish kids
We got a sneak peek at some of Santa’s mail.
# Coming Home
Irish family surprise grandmother with homecoming at her 60th birthday
A lovely gesture.
# hit it
People are confusing wrapping with rapping
Yo yo, hit it.
# bad santa
Uh oh. Santa's been arrested for climbing a giant horse statue
Well, no presents this year so.
# so wrapit
6 quick and easy tips to make wrapping presents a bit easier
Wrapping doesn’t have to be a pain.
# most wanted
Here are the top 10 toys Irish kids are asking Santa for this Christmas
Santa’s elves have analysed letters coming from Ireland.
# Singlehood
Single sister responds to being left out of the family Christmas card in the best possible way
We <3 Bridget.
# not nice
17 kids who are definitely on Santa's naughty list
Lump of coal for this lot.
# deck the kegs
The ultimate Christmas tree is made of 300 beer kegs
We’re full of Christmas beer.
# creepy christmas
13 sexy festive costumes that will make you want to cancel Christmas
Yes they are actually a thing now. Some may be slightly NSFW.
# festigue
10 telling symptoms your festive party season is in full swing
Sleep is for the weak.
# totally emosh
6 people who have ALL the feels after hearing the Barry's Christmas radio ad
You’ll never guess what Santa brought…