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Zombie by The Cranberries becomes first Irish song to break one billion plays on Youtube
Only five other songs from the last century haven broken the one billion mark.
Watch: Linger - One of Dolores O'Riordan's finest vocals
The Cranberries singer died suddenly earlier today in London, aged just 46.
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Zombie by The Cranberries is hands down the best Irish song to roar along to
'I'm a zombie' - Bastareaud and Toulon knocked off peak of Top 14
Meanwhile, reports suggest Jake White has been parachuted in to save ailing Montpellier.
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Teenager born without legs performs terrifying zombie prank
Heroic. But also, terrifying.
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6 of the best mass scares in history
We take a look at some of the best mass panics, hysteria and hoaxes in history.
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6 of the best hoaxes in history
Some people just go way beyond the average April Fool.
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Hackers make TV news broadcast 'zombie apocalypse'
“Dead bodies are rising from their graves,” residents of Montana were warned. ARGH.
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Leicester City Council admits it's not ready for a zombie attack
The residents of Leicester might need to start preparing themselves for World War Z, because the council sure isn’t ready. We’re also giving you some of the survival basics.