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Zombie cockroaches, the AFC South and your NFL week 7 preview
The division continually flatters to deceive, says Steve O’Rourke.
George A Romero, the man who made zombie films popular, has died
Guillermo del Toro wrote: “The loss is so enormous.”
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A new film about child zombies sums up our worries about the future
We talked to the man who created it.
# Idaho
Father shot dead by his 14-year-old son was training him for a "zombie apocalypse"
Idaho teenager Eldon Samuel III had been taught how to “shoot them in the head.”
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The US has a (semi) official plan to deal with a zombie outbreak
It involves gallons of water and spare sheets.
# retrospect
"Putting the abortion laws into the Constitution was a mistake"
Labour TD Ruairi Quinn has said there is “no question” that Ireland’s abortion laws will change.
# zombie survival
Ever wondered how Ireland would fare in a zombie apocalypse?
Not great, it turns out.
# The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead was trending in Ireland this morning, thanks to piracy
Several of you stayed up until the wee hours to watch the show.
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Would You Survive The Zombie Apocalypse?
The dead are walking. Will you make it out alive?
# apocalypse now?
A Scottish newspaper is seriously reporting a 'zombie outbreak'
People are confused as to whether it’s the real deal. Well…
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Woman arrested for biting another woman claims she was playing a 'zombie game'
“In your head, in your head/Zombie, zombie, zombie”
# the fog
Horror-movie fog is terrifying people around Ireland
It’s not just you!
# Double Tap
Film chronicles aftermath of terrifying zombie virus spreading through Ireland
World War D.
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Have you seen the trailer for Love Actually 2?
Ok, there isn’t an actual film, but the trailer is good.
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Woman gives worst possible answer on Family Fortunes
The actual worst.
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BBC's Newsnight presenter closes Halloween show with Thriller dance
It’s close 11pm.
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WATCH: Honest trailers takes on The Walking Dead
What’s the show that people are turning to post Breaking Bad really all about?
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Who's the Irish woman in the new series of The Walking Dead?
Double tap, like.
# treehouse of horror
WATCH: Guillermo Del Toro's opener for this year's Simpsons Halloween episode
It’s pretty incredible.
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Zombie fads peak when society unhappy, research shows
The zombie phenomenon neither harmful nor a random fad – but part of a historical trend that mirrors a level of cultural dissatisfaction and economic upheaval, according to new research.
# walrus shake
The death of the Harlem Shake in 9 videos
It’s all getting a bit old now BUT there is a walrus.
# here's zack
Another trailer, this time for Brad Pitt's World War Z
Are you ready for the zombie apocalypse?
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VIDEO: Should we be prepared for a zombie apocalypse?
No, this isn’t a horror movie. It’s science.
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Zombies take over the streets of Dublin (and tidy up afterwards)
Around 10,000 zombies (and zombie hunters) gathered in Dublin for a charity walk today.
# WOrld War Z
Could zombies walk among us? Watch and find out...
How will people react if (when?) the apocalypse comes?
# WOrld War Z
America's disease control centre denies that the zombie apocalypse is coming
Following a spate of gruesome attacks the CDC has said that it is not aware of any condition that can reanimate the dead.
# Bizarre
Police look for witnesses to face-chewing attack
Florida police shot and killed a naked man who was chewing on the face of another naked man on a busy highway.
# WOrld War Z
Gallery: Zombies attack buses in Dublin...all in the name of charity
They want to eat your brains, your delicious brains…
# Zombies
Juan of the Dead brings Cuban zombie story to life
A new zombie horror film brings a different type of revolution to Cuba.
# Take 5
Zombies heading for Baltimore University
College adds a course in the walking undead to its curriculum.
# The Living Dead
David Miliband is "anti-zombie"
The UK’s Shadow Foreign Secretary sets the record straight on Labour’s policy towards the undead.