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Today is the birthday of a real-life woman named Happy Thanksgiving
No really, that is her actual name.

THANKSGIVING IS ALMOST over for another year.  It’s a day most of us only know from American television, but for some people it’s really special.

For Happy Thanksgiving, it’s really really special because today she turned 43.  You see, the holiday that gave her her name this year falls on her birthday.

According to Dr. Happy Thanksgiving Reynolds, her parents are total hippies who didn’t want to give her a bog standard name.  Apparently, it didn’t seem like a big deal either because it was the ’70s.

A lot of times we were moving with other families, so it was like this weird troupe of freaks, and people were just like ‘whatever,’ when they heard my name.

Happy, now a GP, says that her name actually has worked in her favour as it sets people at ease.  Speaking to NBC News she said:

I think patients are like, ‘Your name is Happy Thanksgiving, so clearly whatever I tell you in this office visit is not going to be that crazy for you’.

Happy Thanksgiving to Happy Thanksgiving, and a happy birthday too.

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