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Richard Drew/AP/Press Association Images Is Elmo peddling secret political messages?
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Is Sesame Street's 'left wing propaganda' teaching ethnic groups civil disobedience?
A new book alleges a liberal, left-wing bias in some of US television’s most popular programmes including Sesame Street and Friends which broadcast “secret political messages”.

A NEW BOOK is alleging that popular television programmes like ‘Sesame Street’, ‘Friends’ and ‘Happy Days’ are pushing a liberal, left-wing agenda.

Author and right-wing columnist Ben Shapiro claims in Primetime Propaganda that Hollywood has been secretly using television shows to promote a “radical” left-leaning political agenda.

He claims he has evidence to prove how television executives have tried to use TV to “shape America in their own leftist image.”

The Miami Herald Sun reports that in the book Shapiro claims that the children’s learning show ‘Sesame Street’ teaches ethnic groups civil disobedience and that ‘Friends’ undermines family values.

The book also says that ‘Macgyver’, the hit 80s action-adventure show, encourages Americans to think guns are bad.

Shapiro interviewed more than one hundred of the entertainment industry’s “biggest players”, according to publishers Harper Collins.

He writes that many insiders boast that not only is Hollywood biased against conservatives, but that many of the shows being broadcast have secret political messages.

It’s not the first time Sesame Street has been accused of left wing bias. In 2009 the show broadcast a segment mocking the conservative news channel Fox News, reports The Huffington Post.

The segment was later criticised by the Public Broadcasting Service ombudsman in the US who said that he “didn’t know what was in the head of the producers” and that they should not be telling people what to think “through the kids”, according to The Daily Telegraph.

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