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# someone please call 911
Man arrested after calling 911 looking for a date
Great idea. Bualadh bos.

THESE DAYS, THERE are so many ways to get a date. Tinder. Dating websites. Going out and talking to people. DON’T call 911.

But that’s exactly what this guy did.

Stephen Ramsey (45) from Florida was arrested after calling 911 three times, then asking one of the dispatchers if she would go on a date with him.

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In one call, a very frustrated operator spent seven minutes trying to extract information from a slurring Ramsey, who eventually admitted he was looking for some company.

I’m looking for a date… [Operator: Yeah I don't think I would call 911 looking for a date. That's not something you do.] Are you into handcuffs?

According to ABC-7, Ramsey told police he has a drinking problem and was looking for an ‘escort service’ to pass the time.

Needless to say police weren’t impressed:

Somebody could conceivably be injured and needing our assistance, but we are further away because of this false 911 call.

Here one of the calls, in which Ramsey rambles to an operator for seven minutes:

NBC2 News / YouTube

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