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Sooty and puppeteer Richard Cadell: a viciously-paced pizza sent magician Paul Daniels to A&E. Mark Cuthbert/UK Press
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Paul Daniels hospitalised after bizarre Sooty pizza injury

The 73-year-old TV magician needs emergency medical treatment after a slapstick pizza gag goes wrong.

FAMED TV MAGICIAN Paul Daniels required hospital treatment after being hit in the head by a pizza… thrown by Sooty the puppet.

The odd incident took place during filming for a new series of the Sooty Show, in which the well-known yellow puppet was flinging a pizza at the magician, 73.

Puppeteer Richard Cadell threw the pizza with a little too much vigour, however, causing Daniels to be rushed to a nearby Emergency Department where he was treated for a black eye and suspected head injuries.

The Sun adds that the particular incident occurred on the second stage of the scene – after Daniels himself said Sooty’s first effort hadn’t been strong enough.

Daniels’ agent told the paper that he had had to cancel a gig as a result of his hospital visit, but that the ageing stage star had made a full recovery.

The TV reel featuring Daniels’ injury is still set to be included in the show when it is screened on ITV later this year, apparently at the magician’s insistence. He was appearing on the show alongside his wife and assistant Debbie McGee, 52.

Cadell is Sooty’s third operator, having taken over from previous puppeteer Matthew Corbett retired in 1998. Corbett had himself taken over from his father Harry in 1976.