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Early bird

9 ways to trick yourself into becoming an early bird

*hits snooze button*

THE EARLY BIRD gets the worm, but it doesn’t come easily to all of us.

For some of us, bed is a sacred place and the snooze button is just part of our morning routine.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

1. First things first, start going to bed earlier

giphy (7) littleanimalgifs / Tumblr littleanimalgifs / Tumblr / Tumblr

If you want to get up earlier, you’re going to have to make sure you’re going to bed early enough. Use to calculate what time you should be going to bed at in order to wake up on time without causing disruption to your sleep cycle.

For example, if you want to get up at 6.30am, you should ideally be falling asleep at either 9.30pm, 11pm or 12.30am.

2. Move your alarm far, far away

giphy (8) whatgiftoday / Tumblr whatgiftoday / Tumblr / Tumblr

Do not leave it within arm’s reach.

3. Change your alarm sound on the regular

giphy (4) televandelist televandelist

Your brain will get used to it if you continuously use the same alarm. Change it up a little and provide that ol’ noggin of yours with some stimulation.

4. Or alternatively, download a “smart alarm”

math Google Play Google Play

If you’re guilty of hitting the snooze button every morning,  you might benefit from a “smart alarm”. For example, Math Alarm forces you to solve a simple maths problem before you can dismiss the alarm.

By the time you have it solved, your brain is awake and somewhat alert. Sure then, you might as well get up.

5. Make sure you start with baby steps

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If you usually set your alarm for 7.30m and want to start getting up at 6.45am, start setting your alarm just one or two minutes earlier each day until you reach your goal.

It’s all about the baby steps, y’all.

6. Make your bed the second you get up

making-your-bed-gif Gurl Gurl

If you’re susceptible to looking longingly at your bed after you get up, just make it and remove the temptation.

7. And make sure you pull the curtains

giphy (25) editingangels / Tumblr editingangels / Tumblr / Tumblr

We know it’s hard to expose yourself to sun at the start of the day, but do as the cast of Hair once said and…


8. When all else fails, peer pressure always works

giphy (5) Giphy Giphy

If you really can’t bring yourself to get up,  you can always fall back on peer pressure. Organise a morning coffee with someone or arrange to go for an early morning jog — whatever it takes to ensure you that you have to get your arse out of bed.

9. Programme your alarm to remind you of what treats await you when you get up

Like breakfast? Add a little note about whatever breakfast concoction awaits you. Crave coffee? A simple coffee emoji might go a long way.

0086 iemoji iemoji


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