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This is perhaps the greatest Mayo headline that has ever existed
A tattoo gone VERY wrong.

THIS POOR GIRL in the UK made the front page of today’s Manchester Evening News.

For most people, it’s an unfortunate tattoo-related story – but for Irish people, it had an unexpected level of comedy attached:

mayoheadline MEN MEN

As described in the story, Kamika Hall wanted to get a tattoo tribute to her niece Maya four years ago:

As I was 14, I found an amateur tattooist and he turned up with a lot of designs and he was really good. When he said it was only a tenner, I said: ‘Buzzing. Let’s do it’.

It didn’t work out well, at all, as it turned out more Mayo that Maya:

It’s been a tough time for Kamika having Mayo on her hand for so long – but she did see the funny side initially:

I did find it was funny at first but now it’s embarrassing. It is my biggest regret. It shows how immature I was and how stupid I was. I wish I never did it.

She’s set to appear on the latest episode of the Tattoo Disasters UK TV show – which will probably be the first and only time Mayo will feature.

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