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# Room to improve
15 reasons Dermot Bannon is a national treasure
The patience of a saint.

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MR ROOM TO Improve himself Dermot Bannon popped up on the Toy Show to meet a young girl that loved architecture a couple of weeks back.

And it just reminded us that he’s a proper national treasure at this stage. Here’s why:

1. He officially has the patience of a saint

When the mother-in-law tells him that he’ll have to completely redesign the new wall *after* it’s been put up, Dermot just smiles and nods.

2. Every single Irish person at some point in their life has muttered the words “poor Dermot”


When The World’s Worst Couple of 2016 are moaning at him that he can’t perform miracles.

Poor Dermot.

3. He wears Nice Jumpers and Good Shirts


4. There’s a sizable portion of the country that fancy him just a little bit

Crushing hard (when Room To Improve is on the telly, anyway).

5. We’ve made our peace with the fact that he’s obsessed with windows


And like anything you love, you allow them their foibles.

6. The fact that the “budget” means nothing to him


He’s like us on a night out. He wakes up the morning after a big build is finished with a receipt for €100,000 worth of window frame paint and regrets his life choices.

7. He gets on well with the auld mams


Dermot <3

8. Everyone at home thinks they know more about architecture than him for some reason, and it gives us all a smug sense of security that “we know better”

Even though he’s definitely right.

9. His facial expressions when he walks in on a total dump are perfect

room7 RTE RTE

10. And the fact that he clearly cares so much about each project is the key to his national treasure status

room2 RTÉ RTÉ

11. Sunday nights aren’t the same without an emotional investment in a stranger’s gaff


12. We all remember that time he met the legend that was Michael

michael RTÉ Player RTÉ Player


13. Deep down we know he’s a ruthless dictator who won’t take any back chat on the final result

14. Everyone has the “I would love Dermot to come around to mine and do it up” thoughts throughout every episode


“Imagine what he’d do with the porch!”

15. Because we’d all be good boys and girls and NEVER question his authority

Good man Dermot.

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