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12 hallmarks of an Irish sense of humour

Our sense of humour is… unique.

1. If there’s an opportunity to make a silly pun in a national newspaper, an Irishman will seize it with both hands

Good man, Frank.

2. A Cork accent just instantly makes everything funnier

And this leads to lots of bad attempts at Cork accents. (Sorry, native Corkonians.)

3. We have an appreciation for irony

4. Enda jokes will never not be funny to an Irish person


B2FaeuVCEAALkAM amyohconnor / Twitter amyohconnor / Twitter / Twitter

Tweet by @Fergus Chawke Fergus Chawke / Twitter Fergus Chawke / Twitter / Twitter

5. Shouting “Waaaaahey” when someone, say, drops a pint glass is just good banter

insta RTÉ Republic of Comedy / YouTube RTÉ Republic of Comedy / YouTube / YouTube

Also appropriate when someone opens a can of cheap beer that explodes

6. “Your mother” or “Your ma” always works as a punchline

Did you hear Padraic scored someone last night?
Your mother!!!!!!!!!

Fact: 90% of conversations between Irish teenage boys consist of them just roaring “your mother” at each other.

7. We never miss an opportunity to slag one another

Not even Bono is exempt from our sharp tongues.

8. If we spot the word “canal” we are physically unable to resist changing it to “anal”

Our arms just move by themselves, honest.

download (10) Colm Cusack / Twitter Colm Cusack / Twitter / Twitter

9. We’re not averse to a bit of smut

10. We have a fairly filthy sense of humour, really

We love a bit of double entendre, don’t we?

Tweet by @Kate Demolder Kate Demolder / Twitter Kate Demolder / Twitter / Twitter

11. You can’t say this without sniggering/thinking you sound like Father Jack

feic verbix verbix

12. But we’re not all just about being immature… in fact we can get a little dark sometimes

Case in point? This is what comes up when you click on a broken link on RTÉ.


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