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Juan of the Dead brings Cuban zombie story to life
A new zombie horror film brings a different type of revolution to Cuba.

THE TRAILER HAS finally been revealed for the first ever Cuban zombie film, Juan of the Dead.

Directed by Alejandro Brugués, this comedy-horror centres on Juan, a 40-year-old layabout who uses a zombie revolution to make his mark.

When the undead start invading Cuba, the government says they are dissidents paid by the US, but Juan decides to make a few quid from the strange situation.

He sets up a business, along with his lazy friend Lazaro, offering zombie exterminations, where they will kill off the infected citizens for money.

But things don’t go quite to plan, and soon Juan is forced to get over his lack of responsibility and become a hero for the first time in his life.

Brugués said on the website:

Cubans have basically three ways of dealing with problems: they try to make a bussiness out of it, they get used to and keep going with their lives; or they throw themselves to the sea to run away from the island.

The low budget movie was shot in Cuba and the team had to come up with some creative ways to make Havana look like it was in the grip of a zombie apocalypse.

Brugués told CNN that the $2.3million budget combines sophisticated filmmaking equipment with low-tech “Cuban know-how”.

The team found an old battered 1950s car and turned it into Juan’s zombie-mobile, and also borrowed styrofoam rafts belonging to fishermen when they couldn’t get permission to use a boat to film water scenes.

The movie will be released this summer.

Watch the trailer below:

Visit the official website to find out more about Juan of the Dead>