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# weaselpecker
Here's how the internet reached peak meme with the #WeaselPecker
We’re done.

THIS IMAGE HAS not been photoshopped:

Photographer Martin Le-May told Buzzfeed that he captured the image of the weasel and the woodpecker in Essex yesterday.

The weasel had attacked the bird as it landed on the ground, and then took flight again. (The woodpecker got away, in case you were worried).

Aside from marvelling at the magnificence of the photo, the internet has also been having a field day with it today.

In fact, we would wager that we’ve reached peak meme.

Exhibit A:


Exhibit B:

Exhibit C

The inevitable Exhibit D:

The even more inevitable Exhbit E:

Aaaaand Exhibit F:

Hey, where’s John Travol… never mind, there he is – Exhibit G:

And finally, Exhibit H:

Meanwhile, spare a thought for poor Jamie:

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