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#TV Recap

# tv-recap - Tuesday 12 February, 2013

Here's everything crazy that happened in the Deception finale

Fluffy bunnies, smutty innuendo, and some killing. Yep, it was insane.

# tv-recap - Tuesday 29 January, 2013

Last night's Deception: Hatstands, baked beans and the worst sex ever

Oh, and someone faking their own death. Here’s how it went down.

# tv-recap - Tuesday 22 January, 2013

Last night's Deception: Bullying, stabbing, and amazing angry faces

Things got crazy. Here’s everything we learned.

# tv-recap - Monday 7 January, 2013

Last night's Raw: Miffed mammies, Ronseal, and a hunk with notions

The new season has begun. Here’s everything we learned.

# tv-recap - Monday 17 December, 2012

Love/Hate season finale: 7 questions we want answered

The big issues – and the small ones – that the final episode left hanging. SOMEBODY HELP.

Love/Hate season finale: Killings, prayers and mini macaws

The final episode was a belter. Here’s everything we learned.

# tv-recap - Monday 10 December, 2012

TV RECAP: Tallafornia - An Unwelcome Reunion (S2 EP1)

Dear reader, we are never getting those 29 minutes and 02 seconds back so we might as well make the most of them.

Last night's Love/Hate: Hair loss, love hearts and Jägerbombs

Plus, why gardaí are like The Wire. Everything we learned from last night’s episode.

# tv-recap - Monday 3 December, 2012

Last night's Love/Hate: Sexting, mammies and topless tapping

And when will Darren get the ride? Everything we learned from last night’s horrorshow.

# tv-recap - Monday 19 November, 2012

Lessons from Love/Hate: Fish tanks, Bambi eyes and bad parenting

Includes the most sinister pigeons in Irish TV history. (Spoiler alert)

# tv-recap - Thursday 15 November, 2012

TV RECAP: 26 best bits from the Ultimate Debutante Finale

In which the hotel soup gets its own segment.

# tv-recap - Thursday 25 October, 2012

TV RECAP: 28 best moments from Ireland's Ultimate Debutante Episode 2

In which Rozanna’s face reacts to things.

# tv-recap - Thursday 18 October, 2012

TV RECAP: 29 best moments from 'Ireland's Ultimate Debutante'

What did you miss last night? A lot, is what.