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# in my bag
What's in our mam's makeup bags?
The products that made them.
# best buys
5 pairs of jeans we have repurchased time and time again
Our tried and tested.
# Skin Deep
Goodbye Skin Deep: A love letter to beauty
It’s the final curtain!
# ruthanne
"Female artists are up against a lot more than our male counterparts": RuthAnne on music's #MeToo moment
From songwriter to star-in-the-making.
# angela scanlon
What's in my makeup bag? Angela Scanlon
Having a rummage through our favourite faces’ wares.
# Skin Deep
Skin Deep: These are the beauty products I buy over and over again
Despite my full ‘to-try’ drawer, I can’t be without these guys
# New Rules
This is what China's new animal testing laws mean for the beauty industry
It’s a start.
# Happiness
We asked you which item in your beauty bag makes you happiest, and here's what you said
Today is the International Day of Happiness, people.
9 Mother's Day gifts you can get for your máthair iontach under €20
You’ve a week and a bit to scrape the funds together.
# Suffering with psoriasis
Suffering with psoriasis: What to know about the skin condition Kim Kardashian lives with
Are you familiar with the condition?
# Menstruation
What your period may be telling you about your overall health
We asked the experts.
# in my bag
What's in my makeup bag? Sherna Malone
Having a rummage through our favourite faces’ wares.
# Teeth
Beauty Q: Have you ever whitened your teeth?
Does it appeal to you?
# basic stitch
Basic Stitch: I tried to hem my own trousers because my mam is sick of my shite
Have I made a terrible mistake?
# tk maxx
Here are 10 of the best beauty gems worth rooting around in TK Maxx for right now
Worth a trawl.
# Skin Deep
Skin Deep: I used one product you probably own already to create this look
There’s a lot to be said for monochromatic makeup.
# beauty q
Beauty Q: Were you allowed to wear makeup in school?
We need to know.
# tried and tested
Putting #SponCon to the test: I tried this Insta-famous highlighter and now I'm addicted
Are they actually that good?
# in my bag
What's in my makeup bag? Rebecca Phipps
Having a rummage through our favourite faces’ wares.
# body conditioner
Beauty Q: Do you bother with 'body conditioner'?
Is it just a pointless extra step to add to your routine?
# kayali
Huda Beauty's Huda Kattan taught us the best way to layer perfume
The sisters spoke to about their new venture.
# murala
As ethical and sustainable fashion gets its moment in the sun, MURALA is an Irish brand you need to know about
Representing the West.
# dressing room diaries
I tried on 6 high street boilersuits so you don't have to
‘These can’t possibly all be the same size?’
# fillers
Poll: Would you consider getting lip or dermal fillers?
There’s been a few horror stories lately.
# nailed it
"The crazier, the better!": Here's what Irish nail gals had to say about your mani habits
Relax. Your. Hands.
# beauty q
Beauty Q: What do you call the thing you use to tie up your hair?
A question that divides a nation.
# Skin Deep
Skin Deep: Here's what I've had to stop doing with my makeup because my skin is getting older
Curse my years of smiling and laughing and enjoying life, they’ve destroyed my smooth canvas.
# coolsculpting
So, here's what happened when I got my fat frozen off AKA CoolSculpting
Cold as ice.
# beauty q
Beauty Q: Can you curl your hair with a straightener?
Is it a skill for a select few?
# glossier play
Glossier Play: We finally know what it is and it’s neither sex toys nor an app
But it sure is pretty.
# dry shampoo
Beauty Q: How often do you use dry shampoo?
Is it strictly for emergencies? Or a part of your routine?
# beauty q
Beauty Q: Do you think fake tan advertising campaigns are diverse enough?
Sound off.
# in my bag
What's in my makeup bag? Sinead Cullen
Having a rummage through our favourite faces’ wares.
# beauty fails
We asked you about the worst beauty product you've ever used, and some of them will surprise you
# hair health
Hair health 101: we asked two experts about the reasons and remedies for female hair loss
Two experts share their advice.
# Carol Bryan
If you've been dreaming of getting fillers, you might reconsider after this week's Late Late Show
Carol Bryan shared her nightmare experience with the procedure.
# irena drezi
How Irena Drezi went from direct provision to being one of Ireland's most in demand plus-sized models
“Nothing good comes easy.”
# Skin Deep
Skin Deep: I got more than 200 DMs about this beauty product when I wore it in an Insta story
It seems only right that I tell you about it!
# khloe kardashian
How to take a celeb-worthy thirst trap for Insta, à la Khloe Kardashian
Break out the sheer glitter bodysuits.
# edaw 2019
This is what you should do to support a friend with an eating disorder, according to the experts
How to broach the conversation with those you love.