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13 reasons we are definitely NOT 'sick of Panti'

Take a seat.

PANTI BLISS APPEARED on the front of the Sunday Independent, but not for the greatest reason ever.

The article, written by Brendan O’Neill compares drag artist Panti Bliss to the Virgin Mary as “the female figurehead of Ireland” and, the gist of it is, that we don’t need a new mammy–an ‘opener of Irish eyes’, a spreader of ‘gay gospel’.

Um OK, but Ireland loves Panti

So, we present, just a selection of reasons we’re not fed up (yet. Don’t get too comfy).

Her new movie, The Queen of Ireland, is applauded. Like, LITERALLY

The movie has been called a “ground-breaker” by the Sunday Times, and has been given five stars from various publications.

If we were sick of Panti would we literally CRY during her movie?

Her parents are a new focus

They are undoubtedly the stars of the movie, and Panti is happy to let them take the spotlight.

CGRx1mCXIAEQ0LY Source: pantibliss

You don’t get sick of people as fast when you have supporting characters to cling on to.

Let’s not forget Rory’s Michael Fassbender-lookalike brother…

She keeps showing us new talents

Maybe she’ll move into interviewing? Only Panti could do justice to an interview with Amy Schumer and Judd Apatow.

Source: UniversalPictures Ireland/YouTube

She’s adorning our buses

and bins…

CQe0o40WgAA9Tc6 Source: __ayolili

If we were so sick of her, would we want to look at her EVERYWHERE WE DAMN WELL GO?

Her endless energy is something to admire

She promoted a book, while fighting for a yes vote, while filming a documentary, before hitting the road to do a live show.


We let her accept an attitude award for us

When Ireland won, Panti was there to accept. We had no choice, but we would have picked her if you asked, so drop it.

She made a great speech, too.

She’s slowly making Panti Bar the new place-to-be post-Dail

She got Frances Fitzgerald into Pantibar recently. Joan Burton, Miriam O’Callaghan, Leo Varadkar and Gerry Adams have all been in before.

CR8QnD9WsAA5mGB Source: PantiBliss

She does not give a single sh*t

She is all of us.

People are literally KNITTING HER

CQvg-wGWsAAMNZm Source: Ella Hassett via RAMathewsMckay

She’s changing Ireland for the next generation

Not singlehandedly, but her influence is undeniable.

download Source: AP Press Association

How could we get sick of that?

So, are you sick of Panti?

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