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One person killed after 'rogue wave' hits Antarctic cruise ship during storm
A representative of the Viking cruise company said that four other tourists sustained non-life-threatening injuries and were treated onboard.
# Climate Change
2022 had lowest extent of Antarctic sea ice on record for any July
Arctic sea ice cover meanwhile was 4% lower than average.
# Climate Change
Antarctica hits record temperatures, experts say
Well above normal temperatures have been recorded recently in both the Arctic and Antarctica.
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# hon the penguins
It's World Penguin Day today (it's a thing) and it turns out they're actually helping scientists to map the Antarctic
They’re not just waddling around, it appears.
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Iceberg as big as Galway on the brink of breaking away into ocean
If the Larsen C Antarctic ice shelf splits, it will produce one of the biggest icebergs ever seen.
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An iceberg the size of Mayo is about to break off Antarctica - and could start a chain reaction
Kildare scientist Dr Martin O’Leary told that it could lead to a rise of 10cm in sea levels worldwide.
# 100 years on
How do you tackle a HR crisis 1,300km from civilisation? Ask Ernest Shackleton
Here’s how the Kildare-born explorer dealt with an attempted mutiny, 100 years ago today.
# christmas dinner
Here's what Ernest Shackleton and his crew were having for dinner, inching through the ice 100 years ago today...
Jugged hare, anyone?
# Like Antarctic Monkeys
Seals are having sex with penguins - and there are videos to prove it
Researchers say it is sexual harassment.
# Wanderlust
11 once-in-a-lifetime winter holiday experiences to make your friends jealous
Weather getting you down? Here are some dreams.
# Mystery Solved
That weird duck sound heard off the coast of Australia? It's a...whale
If it quacks like a duck…it may not be a duck.
# hold up
Chinese ship used in Antarctic rescue now stuck in ice
The Xue Long, or Snow Dragon, came close to reaching the Russian ship stuck last week – and now has been blocked itself.
# Trapped
Attempt to rescue science ship stranded in Antarctica since Christmas fails
It was the third attempt to rescue the scientific expedition ship which is trapped in ice estimated to be around 3 metres thick.
# News Fix
Here’s What Happened Today: Monday
Everyone’s talking about the first day of the new Insolvency Service, Phil Hogan’s latest response on Priory Hall and the Syrian President’s combative TV interview.
Aircraft-mounted cameras capture stunning views of polar regions
NASA is in the fifth year of its mission to survey the Arctic and Antarctic. Its cockpit cameras have gathered some spectacular footage…
Column: Climate change warnings should put the heat on all of us
The last 12 months have seen unprecedented climatic developments, writes Gavin Harte. Are we going to heed the warning?
# Happy fishmas
Whose Christmas dinner is this?
What? No stuffing?
# Polar Exploration
Frank Hurley’s Antarctica: images of early 20th century polar exploration
The Australian photographer travelled to Antarctica six times, including as part of the ill-fated Endurance expedition led by Shackleton.
# South Pole
Explore Antarctica...from your couch
Or desk, or kitchen table…from wherever you want really as Google Streetview has just launched new views of the lonely continent today.
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British woman sets Antarctic crossing record
Felicity Aston, 34, has become the first woman to ski alone across Antarctica on Monday, persevering for 59 days in near-total solitude.
# Whaling
Japan intends to continue Antarctic whaling
The anti-whaling group Sea Shepard has thwarted Japan’s efforts to hunt whales already this year.
RTÉ denies it misled on viewing figures for Charlie Bird's South Pole trek
The broadcaster has been accused of artificially inflating viewing figures for the much criticised programme in which its chief news correspondent sets out to retrace the footsteps of explorer Tom Crean.
# Sea Levels
Ice loss is accelerating in Greenland and Antarctica: NASA study
The UN climate change panel’s projections for the rising of sea levels no longer appears realistic, as the global ice loss rate continues to accelerate, say researchers.
# Japan
Japan wants international action against anti-whaling group
Activists disrupted the Asian country’s annual whale hunt in the Antarctic.
# Japan
Japan temporarily halts Antarctic whaling
Government fishing agency considering calling off this year’s whale cull completely, after pressure from anti-whaling demonstrators.