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# pick your character
If an apocalypse hit Ireland, what kind of survivor would you be?
The Science Gallery’s latest exhibition is asking us to think about how we’d fare in an emergency situation.
# Situation Room
How would you deal with a deadly crisis? This exhibit aims to test your limits
You’ll lose friends, ostracise your family and learn a lot about yourself at the Science Gallery’s latest installment.
# No apocalypse
Confirmed: 23 tests for Ebola performed on 14 people in Ireland
All came back negative.
# Prime Numbers
Instagram, Gangnam and partridges in pear trees: The week in numbers
How long does a Presidential website last? And how much does it pay to Assemble the Avengers?
# end of days
12 possible causes of the Irish End Of The World
‘Someone did indeed leave the immersion on.’
# hidey holes
Top 5 heritage Irish sites to escape the apocalypse*
*If you are reading this, it probably hasn’t happened so far this morning.
# China
Chinese police release video of man who stabbed 22 students
Complaints on Chinese social media that attack in Henan not given more coverage in the country on same day as Newtown killings.
# doomsdate
Apocalypse? Not now, probably.
It might be the end of the world as we know it on December 21 but Eoin Ryan feels fine…
# Your Say
Poll: Are you a little bit worried about the world ending tomorrow?
Now be honest… has all this talk of Mayan predictions and the end of the world freaked you out?
# doooooooom
Pope calls on faithful to ignore doomsday warnings for 21 December
Ding ding ding! It’s round one of Pope Benedict XVI versus the Mayan prophets of doom.
# WOrld War Z
Could zombies walk among us? Watch and find out...
How will people react if (when?) the apocalypse comes?
# mythbusters
Explainer: Why the world isn’t going to end – an astronomer reveals all
Worried about solar flares? The Mayan calendar? The planet Nibiru? Astronomer Conor Farrell answers all your wildest questions.
# Daily Fix
The Daily Fix: Saturday
All the day’s main news as well as the bits and pieces that you may have missed…
# No rapture
Preacher gives up predicting apocalypse after two failed attempts
Harold Camping sparked panic among his followers when he forecast the end of the world last year.
# irish premiere
EXCLUSIVE TRAILER: Resident Evil 5 - Retribution
Fans of the Resident Evil games and movies? has the Irish premiere of the official RE5 trailer. Exciting.
Sitdown Sunday: 7 deadly reads
The very best of the week’s writing from around the web.
# Daily Fix
Daily Fix: Sunday
A roundup of the day’s main news – plus any bits and pieces you may have missed.
# apocalypse now?
Doomsday is when, again? The world will end in 2012, 2023, 2026…
…Take your pick of apocalyptic deadlines as prophesied and theorised by various groups, clerics and writers.
# apocalypse now?
Happy Holy... Terminator Judgement Day?
Today – 21 April 2011 – is foretold to be the day the machines rise against humans. Or maybe not.