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# Space Exploration
Chinese astronauts return to Earth after six-month mission
The capsule carrying the trio touched down at a landing site in the Gobi Desert in northern China.
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QUIZ: How much do you know about astronauts?
That’s one small step for man…
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# SpaceX
ISS astronauts return to Earth in SpaceX craft after six-month mission
Their four replacements could be launched as early as tomorrow night.
# Shenzhou-13
Three Chinese astronauts arrive at space station for six-month mission
The space agency declared the launch a success and said the crew “were in good shape”.
# Space
'An important milestone': Xi congratulates Chinese astronauts aboard space station
The three-man crew arrived at China’s Tianhe space station last week.
# Space
Space trio return to Earth after six months aboard orbiting station
A Nasa astronaut and two Russian cosmonauts landed in the steppes of Kazakhstan.
# Astronauts
Russian-US space crew blast off to International Space Station
The trio launched successfully from Russia’s leased Baikonur base in Kazakhstan.
# return to orbit
SpaceX launch of Nasa astronauts postponed due to bad weather
The launch will be attempted again on Saturday.
# demo 2
'A major milestone': Nasa and SpaceX set to send astronauts to the ISS tomorrow
If all goes as planned, the mission will see SpaceX become the first private company to send astronauts into space.
# Space
Nasa astronauts make history as they begin first ever all-female spacewalk
There have been 227 spacewalkers since the first spacewalk in 1965 and all of them have included a male.
# SpaceX
SpaceX vows manned flight to space station is on schedule
On 3 August the agency named the first nine astronauts who will fly to space on Boeing and SpaceX vehicles in 2019.
# Lunar Palace
Chinese students are living in a cabin for 200 days to simulate living on the moon
Lunar Palace simulates a long-term space mission to the moon.
# ground control to major tom
Very strange things happen to your body if you spend a year in space
You’ll get taller, but your vision might suffer.
# Space
Today's first ever spacewalk by a British astronaut was cut short
“I guess nothing can fully prepare for the feeling of being outside of a spacecraft in the vacuum of space.”
# Gravity
Astronauts had to hide from space junk that threatened to hit the ISS
It was a bit of an emergency situation.
# under the sea
What's under the icy seas of Europa? NASA plans to find out
The hope is that a new prototype will be able to explore distant planets with potential habitable oceans.
# go where no man has gone before
If we're going to Mars, where are we going to land, live and work on the red planet?
NASA said it’s aiming to send people to Mars in 2030.
# in a vacuum
WATCH LIVE: Astronauts perform seven hour spacewalk on ISS
It might make you think your own job is a bit underwhelming…
# Space Exploration
These 7 days are historically the deadliest in NASA history
On this day in 1986, the shuttle Challenger exploded just 73 seconds after launch.
'Get your ass to Mars': Buzz Aldrin wants humans to permanently occupy Mars
The second man to land on the Moon said those that travel to Mars shouldn’t envisage that they will ever return to Earth.
# float on
Astronauts put a GoPro in a water bubble, just because they can
The resulting video is very cool. Space is CRAZY, yo.
# Out of this World
Here's why you really should be following the International Space Station online
One small click of a mouse. One giant leap…
# us flight
Boeing and SpaceX to build new spacecraft for ISS astronauts
SpaceX is headed by PayPal co-founder Elon Musk.
# counting sheep
Sleep deprivation is a pervasive problem for astronauts in space
An astronaut during spaceflight gets just under six hours sleep on shuttle missions.
# what a scream
This Durex advert for 'female orgasm enhancer' is absolutely excellent
# clear eyes round heart
Astronauts' hearts grow rounder in space, finds study
Astronauts’ hearts also got weaker because the heart doesn’t work as hard in space, say researchers.
# mission improbable
So, what are the chances we'll see an Irishman (or anybody) head to Mars?
The chances of anything coming from Mars are a million to one, as the famous song goes*. But how about the other direction?
# red planning
Next phase: Mars mission hopeful Dr Joseph Roche begins medical testing
The Dublin-based scientist is one of the candidates selected for the ‘Mars One’ mission, which aims to land humans on the planet by 2025.
# final frontier
Key steps as Asian countries speed up in space race
China had another first this month with its moon rover – but its neighbours are not far behind.
Spacewalking astronauts make speedy station repairs
The lads might get Christmas day off now.
These people are NASA's eight new astronauts
The astronauts will earn between $64,000 and $141,000 per year, and will be part of the team that lays the groundwork for NASA missions.
# Space
Russian spaceship runs into trouble on way to International Space Station
The vessel may be unable to properly dock with the ISS after its navigation antenna failed to properly deploy.
# Astronauts
Snapshot: There are 2 astronauts at Villa Park proclaiming their love for Christian Benteke
Must be hot in those suits.
# Look Up
Watch the skies: It's a bird, it's a plane, it's... the Space Station
NASA has launched a new service that emails people when the International Space Station is visible in the skies over where they live.
# Space
SpaceX rocket on a mission to the ISS - with ice cream included
The commercial cargo ship is bringing 1,000 science experiments and gear to the inhabitants of the ISS – as well as a freezer of chocolate-vanilla swirl ice cream.
International Space Station saved by toothbrush
The crew managed to fix a serious power problem with the makeshift tool on Wednesday after a six and a half hour space walk.
# Space
Life in space - through the astronauts' eyes
What was life like on an early NASA space mission? We look at archive photos taken by the crew themselves to find out.
# down time
What do astronauts do in their time off?
Play with yo-yos, of course.
# Space
Chinese astronauts make first successful docking with space lab
The docking was a significant moment for China, which is aiming to build a space station by 2020.
# Space Travel
Long missions in space may damage eyesight
Prolonged periods of space travel might damage astronauts eyesight according to new research. NASA say they are not unduly worried.