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# Bailout Republic?

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Troika wants Ireland to outline spending cuts for three years
The European Commission approves the latest €1.6 billion loan – but wants Dublin to say WHERE it will continue to cut back.
Bailout: €50bn for banks, and €50bn more for state
Insiders tell the foreign press that the bailout being considered for the banks is €50bn, with more for the state if needed.
FG to table corporate tax motion as Europe sets sights
Enda Kenny will try to handcuff the government into keeping the 12.5% rate amid stiff opposition in Europe.
Lenihan admits: Ireland's banks need foreign assistance
The Minister for Finance all but admits that a bailout is needed, saying the banking sector urgently needs funding.
30 things Twitter wants to ask the IMF
Who was right in Saipan? Which is better, Daddy or chips? And as for how they get the figs into the fig rolls…
IMF to send "around a dozen" for Irish talks
An International Monetary Fund spokeswoman reveals that several “banking experts” are on the way for crisis talks.
Lenihan admits contingency fund is ‘very desirable’
The finance minister comes clean and says he would like talks with the IMF to result in cash being made available.
Cameron refuses to rule out helping Irish bailout
Ireland “is one of our largest export markets”, says the UK prime minister – “We have got an interest.”
World bailout wrap-up: Ireland expects, and it’s just a matter of time
The eyes of the world are on Ireland – and their judgement is that we now “expect” billions and billions in help.
IMF head passes three homeless on way to bailout talks
Ajai Chopra was photographed passing three beggars on his way to the Central Bank.
I'm a politician, bail me out of here
Government members have been spinning themselves silly to deny a bailout – does a spot of creative translation to cut through the jargon.
Honohan says Ireland may receive loan worth ‘tens of billions’
The Central Bank Governor becomes the first Irish official to admit we need aid – and lots of it.
'The Irish Should Stop Bashing Those Who Want to Help Them'
Germany’s Der Spiegel takes a tough tack as the world reactions to the news of IMF talks in Dublin.
Cowen insists IMF talks are not to formalise bailout
An aggressive Taoiseach tells the Six One news that the talks in Dublin tomorrow are to examine all options.
Battle lines drawn as Europe insists Ireland's banking sector needs its help
As finance ministers meet, Olli Rehn says there’s liquidity crisis in the banks – contradicting Brian Lenihan.
Debt crisis team on way to Dublin
Lenihan maintains Ireland had been “the point of attack” on the state of the euro in recent weeks – but commentators believe ECB, IMF and EC officials coming here to lay groundwork for bailout.
Olli Rehn: Eurozone must 'resist alarmism' as talks continue
Europe’s economic commissioner says it’s Ireland’s banks, and not the government, that have funding problems.
Cowen denies Irish moves for state or bank bailout
The Taoiseach tells the Dáil, though, that Ireland is in meetings to see how it can help tackle Europe’s debt crisis.
EU official: Ireland in talks to accept dual bailout
Ireland is speaking to the EU and the IMF about seeking money for itself and its banks, says a diplomat.
Dick Roche denies admitting that banking bailout likely tomorrow
The Europe minister denies telling ITV News that he believes a bailout will be sought tomorrow to assist the Irish banking sector.
EU to tell Ireland: Take a bailout today
The world’s press is sure of it: everywhere the government turns, it’s told to accept an international handout.
Ireland not approaching sources for bailout - Cowen
The Taoiseach denies reports that Ireland is applying for extra funds from either Europe or the IMF.
Did Ireland discover a legal loophole to avoid a bailout?
Business Insider reckons Ireland might have found a way to get ECB funding for its banks – and that’s why we’re not issuing bonds.
Michael Noonan: European intervention in Irish crisis ‘is underway’
Markets source tells that Government is in “intense negotiations” with ECB while FG finance spokesman Noonan says “things will come to a head in the next 24 hours”.
Portugal admits 'high risk' of needing a bailout
The country’s finance minister admits Portugal may ask for assistance – and implies that it could be Ireland’s fault.
Breathing room for Ireland as bonds fall under 8%
For the first time in a week, the cost of Irish borrowing falls under the 8% barrier, while insuring against default also cheapens.
Spanish bank chief says Irish crisis 'unfounded'
Not only that, but all our fears will vanish when the government announces its budget plans, says Fernandez Ordonez.
Germany putting 'pressure' on Ireland to apply for EU bailout
Angela Merkel has reportedly set her sights on Ireland…
O'Keeffe denies pressure to apply for EU bailout
The minister has insisted that Ireland had not entered talks over a possible EU bailout.
Rumours about EU bailout persist
Despite assurances from the Irish government, some believe the country will be heading cap-in-hand to the EU as early as next month.
Investor fears push Ireland onto G20 agenda
France and Germany issue statement from G20 summit in South Korea amid fears that Irish debt default concerns will spread to other countries.
Lenihan admits: Ireland's bond problems are "very serious"
The Minister for Finance acknowledges international concern about the risk of an Irish default.
Honohan 'not laying ground for bailout', insists Lenihan
Brian Lenihan says the comments of the central bank governor were not softening the ground for IMF intervention.
Honohan: Ireland's response to crisis is "exactly right"
The Central Bank governor says Ireland’s tactics have been perfect – and that the IMF, if needed, would change nothing.
Dept of Finance: no comment on IMF deal rumours
Speculation swirls among traders about a possible IMF bailout for Ireland, sending our bond yields even higher.