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8 of the best Galway pubs for a nice quiet pint

We came, we saw, we had pints.

THE MOST FAMOUS of all famous last words: “will we go for one?” These eight pubs are some of Galway’s finest answers to the question: Will we just go for one?

1. The Salt House

Source: Salt House

The Salt House and its ridiculously knowledgeable staff will lead you through the winding warren of the craft beer rabbit hole. However, going here for one often leads to many more. You have been warned.

2. O’Connor’s (Famous) Pub, Salthill

Source: Andrew_D_Hurley

It may have bits of old postcards hanging from the roof, sawdust on the floor and an old typewriter hanging around the shelves, but don’t let all that put you off. O’Connor’s is actually lovely for a quiet one. Loads of seats, no faffing about with food, decent staff and it’s in perfect proximity to the prom for a quick stroll with a pint-shaped reward afterwards.

3. Tigh Neachtain

Source: Neachtains

A pint at the bar beside the fireplace on a wet, wintry evening, eavesdropping on a trad practice session or squeezing into the most perfectly proportioned snugs in town, there’s a reason why Neachtains is so popular. Definitely one to try out for a quiet one.

4. Sheridan’s

Source: lisa_h

Although it’s not strictly pints, Sheridan’s takes a midweek drink up a notch, with a glass-of-wine-and-fancy-cheese-plate combo. The guys absolutely know their stuff and you’ll leave with a warm and fuzzy feeling as well as a bit of extra info on the best and most delicious Italian wines.

5. O’Connell’s

Source: O'Connells Bar

Hands down the best beer garden in town. It’s set up to look like a little village, complete with post office! The roomy picnic tables and deck are a great place to while away a sunny Galway evening.

6. The Blue Note

Source: Facebook

This one is a bit of a Galway institution and that front window seat is the ultimate spot for a pint (and to perfect your people-watching skills).

7. Freeney’s

Freeney's #ultimatepubtour2015

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Settle in to solve all of the world’s problems over a quiet one in Freeney’s. This is a no-nonsense traditional pub with an emphasis on the chats and a hushed reverence for its Guinness.

8. The Bierhaus

Source: ConorLuddy

Extremely good pints, sound staff and killer sambosmean the Bierhaus, (just down from the infamous Roisin) will set you right for a quiet midweek pint.

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