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# Court
Man caught on his own CCTV cameras having stolen a French bulldog from its owner
Rocco the dog was unharmed in the incident.
# born to be wild
This cool motorcycle-riding bulldog knows exactly how to greet passing bikers
# Bulldog
Bulldog puppy takes adorable leap of faith into his owner's arms
# Snooze
Sleepy over-attached French bulldog is all of us this morning
Do not disturb.
# jurassic park
Jurassic Park... with a majestic bulldog
They do move in herds.
# boing
This French bulldog puppy playing with a door stop is everything
# man's best friend
Bulldog realises owner is home, goes crazy with excitement
Calm down there now, doggie. You’ll hurt yourself.
# puppy love
Bulldog puppy kisses baby, causes extreme cutesplosion
# how's tricks
Bulldog wants to show you his special party trick
It’s probably better than your party piece, in fairness.
# you're it
11 reasons schoolyard games were the best fun you ever had
Red Rover, Red Rover, let Enda come over!
# parp
Hilarious French bulldog is scared of his own farts
Well, farts ARE pretty scary.
# the going gets wuff
Dog doing uncanny impression of a barking dog
All his friends think he’s gas.
# Looks and charm
"Beautiful Bulldog" contest winner gives good face
Puppy Tyson beats 49 other dogs competing for crown for best looking bulldog.
# Adopted
In pictures: Bulldog adopts six wild boar piglets in Germany
Baby the bulldog took straight to the wild boar piglets when they were brought in last Saturday.
# Animal accident?
Florida man critical after being shot in leg… by his dog
Billy Brown is the second man to be shot by his dog this month. Are we on the brink of an awful canine uprising?