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# Case Study

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# Case Study
Ukrainian accommodation: Regions readying for increase of refugees as winter hits
The Journal takes a look at how the southeast region has been managing arrivals.
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# Health Warning
Two people complained that they were identifiable in a HSE case study on the dangers of Covid
The HSE uses a combination of different case studies in its Covid-19 examples.
# Case Study
Man who failed to restrict movements after trip abroad led to 56 Covid-19 infections
The example has been published in a report by the Department of Public Health, Mid West.
# Coronavirus
Young doctor on contracting Covid-19: My oxygen dropped and I was unable to finish a sentence
Dr Owen O’Flynn said it was “disappointing” to see some people flouting the rules, adding that the guidelines were there for a reason.
# Case Study
Contact tracing concerns: School wasn't contacted by HSE until four days after confirmed Covid-19 case
A mother has raised concerns about the policy of schools not taking action until contacted by the HSE.
# Case Study
A 27-year-old woman who has attended the CRC since she was a baby describes what it's like
Mary, who has severe cerebral palsy, has relied upon the CRC since she was just 8 months old.
# Case Study
Fine Gael say Sinn Féin's economics were 'disastrous' in France. Were they? Here are the facts...
‘Wealth tax’, ‘higher income tax rate’, Hollande tried that didn’t he? Well sort of…
# Case Study
Case Study: Being a gay woman in DRC and facing fears of 'punitive' rape
“One day, in 2007, I was surrounded by boys who told me they were going to rape me to give me a taste for men, that whatever I did I was still a woman.”
# Geneva
Case Study: One woman who can't live in Geneva on her €2,790 monthly pay packet
Some people travel across the French border to do their weekly shop.