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This year
London-born teenager to become first millennial saint after Pope recognises second miracle
Catholic and Church of Ireland bishops appeal for ‘calm’ after ‘disturbing and sad’ protests
'Getting ready for the next thousand years': What to expect from conclusion of the Church's Synod
Last year
Census 2022: Number who identify as Catholic falls by 10 percentage points to 69%
Peter Flanagan: 'Confession was for sinners - why should I admit to something I didn't do?'
Peter Flanagan
All time
Influential priest says LGBT Catholics are 'as much a part of the Church' as the pope
The Irish international who quit to become a priest and anti-Apartheid protestor
Dublin Archdiocese 'committed to protecting children' despite halving staff at safeguarding service
Poll: Do you think RTÉ should stop playing the Angelus?
Calls for younger Catholic volunteers to help start Masses in churches again
'Untold damage could be done': Talks by US chastity speaker cancelled amid criticism
Two priests who sexually abused deaf children each sentenced to over 40 years in prison in Argentina
At least 21 people killed as bus carrying Catholic pilgrims crashes in Mexico
Opinion: A variety of non-Christian historical sources support the idea that Jesus rose from the dead
Dr Thomas Finegan
Catholic in 2019: 'Some cardinals and clerics appear trapped within a medieval mindset - but Pope Francis provides a glimmer of hope'
Joe Mulvaney
Ex-pope Benedict XVI blames clerical sex abuse on 1960s sexual revolution
Diarmuid Martin expresses concern over 'anti-Islamic sentiments being expressed in social media in Ireland'
Top Catholic cardinal admits Church files on sex abuse were 'destroyed'
Pope admits that priests and bishops sexually abused nuns
External agencies providing sex ed in schools to be regulated in recommended radical overhaul
US diocese apologises after students mock Native American demonstrator
Almost 4% increase in children enrolled in multi-denominational schools
Fr Richard Gibbons: 'When was the last time you did something truly selfless for someone else, even if they didn’t deserve it?'
Fr Richard Gibbons
Religious books and gifts company Veritas to close 3 retail stores across the country
Who is Asia Bibi and why has her case sparked furious protests?
Vatican stalls on Belgium bishops' suggestion to allow young married men to become priests
US cardinal facing calls to resign cancels appearance at World Meeting of Families
Half a million have signed up to see the Pope - but how Catholic is Ireland?
Opinion: 'Parents need to raise their voices in the divestment debate'
Peter Gunning
A Baptist church is getting rid of its statue of Jesus because it's 'too Catholic'
Devotees nail themselves to crosses at annual Good Friday ceremony in Philippines
Number of Roman Catholic marriages reducing but it's still the most popular type of ceremony
Priests' group calls for statement from Archbishop after welcome to gay parents removed from church video
17 things you'll only know if you grew in a super Catholic household
Priests say Mary McAleese being banned from Vatican conference is 'embarrassing'
Poll: Would you like to attend the Pope's mass in Ireland?
Pope Francis arrives in Myanmar on high-stakes visit
Poll: Should the Angelus be scrapped?
Philippines kills 10 of its own soldiers in airstrike meant to hit ISIS
Philippine authorities ban hanging rosary beads off car dashboards