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# Ceann Comhairle

This year
Debunked: Ceann Comhairle did not say immigrants were responsible for rising antisemitism
Last year
Ceann Comhairle refuses Israeli ambassador request to show graphic footage of Hamas attack to politicians
'Are politicians partly to blame for the protest at the Dáil? Absolutely' - Ceann Comhairle
Ceann Comhairle threatens to suspend Dáil amid shouting, says public would be 'disgusted'
'You can't handle the answers': Tempers flare as FG and SF clash over eviction ban
Govt chief whip seeks Dáil time for McDonald and Doherty to answer questions about SF's financing
Female TDs due to meet with Ceann Comhairle over safety concerns
All time
Special committee on assisted dying to be established 'as soon as humanly possible'
Ceann Comhairle salary is higher than every other politician except the President
Ceann Comhairle meets with Ukrainian President Zelenskyy in Kyiv
Ceann Comhairle to visit Kyiv and address Ukrainian Parliament
Rolex watch stored in safe at Department of Taoiseach despite requests to sell it for charity
Ceann Comhairle says Clifden golf event was either 'collective crass stupidity' or 'arrogant delusion'
Ceann Comhairle tells TDs legal advice says virtual Dáil sittings would be 'unconstitutional'
Seán Ó Fearghaíl has been re-elected Ceann Comhairle of Dáil Éireann
These two politicians want the job of keeping order in the next Dáil
The 33rd Dáil is meeting today for the first time - here's how it will play out
Here's who is in the mix for the job of keeping order in the next Dáil
Ceann Comhairle Seán Ó Fearghaíl asked that €7,700 Rolex watch gifted by UAE be donated
TDs secure permission to challenge decision to refuse 'money message' motion
Dáil suspended after argument breaks over ‘undemocratic’ money message veto
'Deep regret and sincere apologies': Fianna Fáil TDs at centre of voting controversy apologise in the Dáil
TDs must be in designated seats for Dáil votes to take place for time being, Ceann Comhairle says
Ceann Comhairle's office splashes out almost €6,000 on new set of crockery for Oireachtas dining room
Ceann Comhairle apologises to Angela Kerins over PAC treatment
Ceann Comhairle likely unable to keep Rolex given to him by UAE official
John 'The Bull’ O’Donoghue wants on the Fianna Fáil ticket in next year's local elections
Alan Kelly says his questions about the Department of Justice are going unanswered
'Hello, I'm in the Dáil': TDs to be banned from making calls in the chamber
Ceann Comhairle establishes expert forum on Dáil privilege
Paul Murphy sends letter claiming he was 'defamed' by the Taoiseach
Paul Murphy's comments about gardaí to be referred to Oireachtas committee
'Like he slept in his clothes for a week' - no punches pulled in Dáil dress code complaints
Two TDs say they will break Dáil rules and refuse to stand during the daily prayer
'You're trying to shut down discussion': Dáil suspended after Bríd Smith raises Halawa case
Dáil report shows 'pixie hats and turtleneck jumpers' unacceptable dress for foreign parliaments
'Future of Irish-Egyptian relations rests on Ibrahim Halawa decision': Ceann Comhairle
'Examining the dress code of other parliaments is ridiculous'
The Dáil was left waiting for 39 minutes today after too few TDs turned up
Outgoing Dáil Chairmen paid €17,626 in February and March, despite overseeing just four hours of debate