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This year
Varadkar tells CNN that Ireland's fight for independence shows why nations should 'stand by' Ukraine
Varadkar spoke to a CNN reporter at the UN building in New York last night.
Judge throws out Donald Trump's $475 million defamation lawsuit against CNN
Trump filed the lawsuit against CNN for describing his claim that the 2020 election was stolen as the “Big Lie.”
Chief of CNN ousted in wake of channel's controversial 'town hall' event with Trump
Licht had had a mandate to move the network more towards the political centre.
Donald Trump faces further lawsuit by columnist E Jean Carroll over remarks on CNN
Earlier this month, a nine-person jury in the civil suit decided Trump had sexually abused Carroll at an upscale Manhattan department store in early spring 1996.
Trump mocks sexual abuse victim, refuses to accept 2020 defeat in rare live CNN appearance
During a one-hour ‘town hall’ on the cable television network, Trump took questions on the war in Ukraine, immigration and his multiple legal challenges.
Martin: Ireland is supporting ICC as it prepares to open cases against Russians
Speaking on CNN while in the US, the Tánaiste said Ireland has provided additional funding to the ICC and other agencies.
Last year
Donald Trump files $475-million lawsuit against CNN for alleged defamation
Trump at a rally in Michigan last weekend.
CNN Worldwide president Jeff Zucker resigns over relationship with colleague
In a statement to staff today, Zucker, 56, said his resignation was effective immediately.
All time
CNN fires Chris Cuomo over help he gave to ex-governor brother with accusations
The network has said it will continue to investigate their former staffer’s conduct ‘as appropriate’.
CNN suspends Chris Cuomo over help he gave his governor brother amid misdemeanour allegations
In October, the 63-year-old former governor was charged with a misdemeanor sex crime for forcible touching.
Boston Celtics star to change name to 'Freedom'
Enes Kanter has long been a vocal critic of Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
CNN fires three employees for coming to work unvaccinated
CNN President Jeff Zucker said the company has a zero tolerance policy on vaccination.
Britney Spears asks court to end father's control over her personal life
Britney has been subject to a court-ordered conservatorship since 2008.
Declan Ganley and related company claim they were 'maliciously' defamed by CNN, High Court hears
The matter was mentioned before the courts today.
Veteran US broadcaster Larry King hospitalised with Covid-19
King, 87, has Type 2 diabetes and has had a long history of medical issues.
CNN's John King wants to return to Ireland to 'retrace roots'
The CNN team could anticipate by Friday of election week that Joe Biden would win the presidency, says John King.
'It's close to criminal': Joe Biden blasts Trump's pandemic response
Joe Biden was taking part in his first town hall event.
'I'm getting shot!': Journalists under attack from police and protesters across US
The arrest and handcuffing of a black CNN journalist has drawn the widest coverage.
Minneapolis riot police arrest CNN crew reporting live on George Floyd protest
Minnesota Governor Tim Walz said the arrest was “totally unacceptable and totally inadvertent”.
Las Vegas mayor wants city to reopen, but says it's not her job to issue social distancing guidance
Goodman offered the city as a ‘control group’ for ending Nevada’s state lockdown, but was turned down.
White House restores CNN reporter's credentials, warning he must abide by new rules
CNN said it was dropping its lawsuit on Acosta’s access.
Judge rules that White House must return Jim Acosta's press credentials
Donald Trump called the CNN reporter a “rude, terrible person” at a press conference last week.
Judge delays ruling over revoked White House credential for CNN reporter
US District Court Judge Timothy Kelly delayed the announcement until tomorrow morning.
CNN sues Donald Trump over journalist being barred from White House
The White House has said it will vigorously defend itself against the lawsuit.
Explainer: The US president, the CNN journalist and the case of a doctored video
Footage shared by Sarah Huckabee Sanders was used to justify the suspension of Jim Acosta’s press pass yesterday.
'You are a rude, terrible person' - Trump attacks CNN journalist at post-midterms press conference
Trump had been asked if he had “demonised immigrants” with his campaign rhetoric.
Donald Trump says media must 'set a civil tone', then describes media as 'bad and hateful'
Trump was reacting to a spate of attempted mail bomb attacks on Democrats.
Mail bombs to US political figures and the media: what we know
Police in a number of states are investigating finds.
Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway: 'I'm a victim of sexual assault'
Conway made the disclosure on CNN while defending Trump’s embattled Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.
Recording emerges of Donald Trump discussing whether to 'pay in cash' for Playboy model's story
The recording by Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen was made months before the US president’s election.
CNN accidentally used footage of Jimmy Carr pretending to work in Starbucks for a story
The footage was from a 2012 sketch where Jimmy worked as a barista for a day.
Everyone is talking about this hilariously awkward silence during a tense CNN interview last night
“I don’t know if you knew that”
UN probe video of apparent slave auction in Libya
A video showing the apparent trade surfaced last week.
This CNN anchor's impassioned live response to President Trump's 'unhinged' speech is a must-watch
“Don Lemon brought the lemon-shade.”
CNN sent the most savage push notification about Trump's first six months in office
“In 6 months, Pres. Trump has tweeted 991 times, spent 40 days at Trump golf properties and passed 0 pieces of major legislation.”
'We will keep doing our jobs. He should start doing his' - CNN responds to Trump wrestling tweet
The President tweeted a doctored video of a WWE bout in which the CNN logo was superimposed on someone’s head.
Donald Trump posts doctored video of himself 'beating up CNN'
“It is a sad day when the President of the United States encourages violence against reporters,” CNN responded.
Trump hits out at journalist again, calling her 'dumb as a rock'
Earlier in the week, the US President was criticised for saying Mika Brzezinski was “bleeding badly from a face-lift”.
CNN anchor apologises for saying guest would defend Trump 'if he took a dump on his desk'
Anderson Cooper says his comments were unprofessional.
Trump accuses CNN of 'rediculous fake news' over Apprentice news
He later corrected his spelling mistake.