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Tears, cheers and prayers as the Vatican reveals new pope
IN PICTURES: Twenty reactions to the election of the New World’s first pope.
'Rugby people of Ireland' - Rala O'Reilly fails in late bid to land Pope job
He would’ve had our vote.
FRONT PAGES: Pope Francis dominates the new and old worlds' newspapers
It was a rare newspaper today that did not run images from the Vatican on its front page. Here’s a round up.
That was quick - but how long have papal conclaves lasted in the past?
The speedy election of this new pope was not a break from tradition…
Jorge Bergoglio's first words as Pope Francis
Here is the 76-year-old’s first speech in full.
Why do Catholic cardinals wear scarlet for the conclave?
Blood and a willingness to die for their faith as a literal part of the “body” of the Church, apparently.
LIVE: White smoke emerges from Sistine Chapel as new pope is elected
Cardinals in conclave at the Vatican have elected a new pope, whose identity will be revealed in a few moments.
WATCH: Live video from the Vatican as Catholics await a new Pope
If there’s white smoke, you’ll see it here. (If there’s black smoke, you’ll see that here too.)
The Dougal for Pope campaign is gathering momentum...
…as Dougal himself speaks out.
Cardinals prepare for second day of conclave to elect new pope
There will be four ballots today – two in the morning and two in the afternoon – to try and choose a new pontiff.
The Evening Fix… now with added missing engagement ring
Here are all the things we learned, loved and shared today.
PHOTOS: Day 1 of the Vatican conclave to elect the next Pope
The 115 cardinals under 80 were locked into the Sistine Chapel this afternoon to begin the process of choosing the next leader of the Roman Catholic Church.
Centuries-old rituals to be carried out as conclave begins
Cardinals will be sworn in with a solemn oath that threatens anyone who reveals the deliberations of the conclave with instant excommunication.
Infographic: How is the new Pope elected?
This handy graphic from the Catholic News Agency explains all…
Frontrunners emerge in last day of pre-conclave talks
One of the cardinals in contention, Timothy Dolan, told an interviewer that anyone mentioning him as a candidate must be “smoking marijuana”.
Conclave to elect next pope will begin on Tuesday
Cardinals have chosen to bring their behind-closed-doors conclave forward by three days.
'Leaks' prompt US Cardinals to call off pre-conclave press conferences
Italian newspaper reports – including comments made by some cardinals about others – have prompted a media clampdown.
Poll: Do you think the next Pope can help reinvigorate the Catholic Church?
March should see a new leader to the world’s estimated 1.2 billion Catholics, but can he make a difference?
Opinion: So much has come out to show the Vatican is dysfunctional
As we await the election of a new pope, Fr Tony Flannery believes that it is being increasingly accepted that the Vatican is in urgent need of reform.
The next Pope: Cardinals gather for pre-conclave talks
Cardinals gather for the general congregations today ahead of the start of the conclave to elect the next head of the Catholic Church.
Two popes, two resignations: Benedict XVI and Celestine V‎
There’s more than a few similarities between the only two men to have resigned the papacy by choice.
Benedict changes rules to allow Conclave to start earlier
Cardinals can now move the Conclave forward if they’re all present – but also have to take strict oaths of secrecy.
Glossary: Some of the terms you'll hear during the Papal election
Because of the Ingravescentem aetatem, not all of the College of Cardinals get to fill the Petrine ministry. Didn’t you know?