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Last week
19th November 2023 - 25th November 2023
HSE warns of public health risk due to low uptake of winter Covid-19 and flu vaccines
The executive expressed concerns over an expected rise in infections from both viruses during the winter period.
Major analysis shows how Irish disinformation ecosystem has been 'co-opted by far-right actors'
Groups that grew during the pandemic changed their targets in recent years.
This month
November 2023
Boris Johnson wanted to be injected with Covid live on TV to show ‘it didn’t pose a threat’
The then-prime minister later said he would rather “let the bodies pile high” than impose a second lockdown, a top aide told the UK Covid-19 Inquiry.
Covid inquiry terms of reference to be ready 'soon enough', says minister
The Department of the Taoiseach is currently working on the plans.
Boris Johnson asked top scientists if a 'special hair dryer' could kill Covid-19
Dominic Cummings, Johnson’s former chief adviser, made a series of claims in his witness statement handed to the UK Covid-19 Inquiry.
Last month
October 2023
Public encouraged to get Covid-19 and flu vaccines ahead of winter virus season ‘peak’
The Chief Medical Officer has reminded eligible persons to boost their protection before the respiratory virus season reaches its peak.
FactFind: QAnon website promoted on anti-SPHE leaflets protesting sex ed in Ireland
Controversy over curriculum changes is being used to push conspiracy theories about child-murdering Satanists
Nobel Prize for medicine awarded to scientists behind Covid-19 mRNA vaccines
Katalin Kariko and Drew Weissman’s discoveries enabled the development of effective mRNA vaccines.
Poll: Will you get a Covid-19 booster vaccine this autumn/winter?
The HSE launched its autumn winter vaccination programme today.
HSE's autumn winter flu and Covid-19 vaccination programme gets underway today
The Covid-19 autumn winter booster vaccine is recommended for people aged 50 and over. The flu vaccine is recommended for people aged 65 and over.
September 2023
Donnelly brings winter public health plans to Cabinet with Covid vaccine rollout details
A vaccination programme will commence next week with vaccines for Covid-19 and flu for those eligible.
Debunked: Australian footage from 2021 used to imply Covid lockdowns are being enforced again
A recent date superimposed over footage of the premier of Victoria has stirred up anger
New round of Covid and flu vaccines to roll out at the start of October, minister says
The newest round of vaccines will come online on 2 October.
Micheál Martin hints he might write a book to put 'his perspective' of pandemic on the record
Former chief medical officer Tony Holohan’s memoir was published this week.
'I was very angry at the time': Leo Varadkar responds to claims in Tony Holohan's book
Dr Holohan references remarks made by the Taoiseach which he says upset his wife at the time.
Tony Holohan critical of Government's 'meaningful Christmas' Covid lockdown lift in new memoir
Holohan defends the general policy of imposing lockdowns during the pandemic, saying that ICU capacity was not a decisive factor.
Cabinet to approve plans for new emerging health threats agency to prepare for future pandemics
A special Cabinet meeting is being held in Wicklow today.
US first lady Jill Biden tests positive for Covid-19
President Joe Biden was tested for the virus but his results were negative.
August 2023
'Huge increase' in antigen tests sold as Covid-19 cases rise again
There has been a steady increase in cases of Covid-19 in recent weeks.
Chief Medical Officer warns of 'multi-pathogenic winter' as new Covid variant discovered
The BA.2.86 variant has been detected in several countries including the UK, but is not believed to be in Ireland yet.
Covid-19: Symptoms and guidelines for the new Eris variant
Chief Medical Officer Prof Breda Smyth said that new sub-variants are “not unexpected”.
Poll: When was the last time you took a Covid test?
A new variant, Eris, was detected in Ireland last week.
INMO head: Action needed now to prevent future Covid-19 surge
The comments come after the Taoiseach announced that Ireland was experiencing a new wave of the virus.
Debunked: Incompatible athlete death stats continue to be used to mislead about vaccines
Heart problems in athletes have been deceptively blamed on COVID-19 vaccines
Northern Ireland tops A-Level results table but questions raised over different UK standards
Many students in Northern Ireland and Wales were given advance information about topics to expect in exams this summer, but English pupils were not given the same support.
New Zealand removes the last of its remaining Covid-19 restrictions
Prime Minister Chris Hipkins said at the height of the pandemic he had longed for the day he could end all restrictions but now it felt anticlimactic.
Debunked: No, there hasn't been a 21% rise in deaths due to the Covid-19 vaccine
A clip of the artist Kevin Sharkey has been shared widely on social media apps in recent weeks.
Taoiseach says Ireland is facing a 'new wave of Covid' but there is no need for restrictions
The HSE said that the variant is more transmissible than other strains, but there is no evidence suggesting that it causes more serious illness.
Public advised to stay home for 48 hrs after Covid symptoms end as cases are on the rise
One hospital in Kilkenny has had to suspend visiting due to the level of Covid-19 cases.
July 2023
Hiqa review says 'clear treatment pathway for Long Covid remains unknown'
No definitively effective treatments for the condition were identified in the review.
Hospital deaths from pneumonia and COPD fell after rollout of Covid-19 vaccines, audit finds
Figures emerged in the seventh report of the National Audit of Hospital Mortality.
Coroner says it is 'an outrage' that Pfizer executive could not attend inquest due to threats
Dr Ellsbury was called to attend the inquest investigating the death of Joseph McGinty (14) of The Valley, Achill Island, Co Mayo.
HSE physiotherapist who called face masks 'satanic symbols' accused of professional misconduct
Anna Marie Stack Rivas appeared before a fitness-to-practise inquiry of CORU.
People in disadvantaged areas experienced greater employment disruption during Covid pandemic
A report examining the economic impacts of the pandemic on those living in deprived areas was published by the ESRI today.
There were 725,000 people on pandemic supports when Tubridy was assured his pay would not drop
Union members told The Journal that there is ‘huge anger’ about Dee Forbes’ letter assuring Tubridy that his pay would not be reduced by RTÉ up to 2025.
June 2023
UK former health secretary Matt Hancock ‘profoundly sorry’ for deaths caused by Covid-19
Hancock was central to the UK’s government’s decision-making and messaging during the pandemic.
Frontline workers who still haven't received €1,000 pandemic bonus payment hold protests
Contract cleaners and security workers called on the Taoiseach to intervene in the matter.
UK's pandemic inquiry begins today and is set to run until 2026
The UK suffered one of the worst Covid-19 death tolls in Europe.
Inquiry into Ireland's Covid-19 response to be set up this year, Varadkar says
The Taoiseach said he wanted to see the right terms of reference so the Irish inquiry does not stray like the UK one is doing.
2021 was second year in a row with fewer cancer diagnoses due to Covid, report finds
1 in 12 expected cancers were not detected over the first 2 years of the pandemic, an estimated 4,320 cases.