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Government working to reduce size of Anglo bill
However, the Department of Finance could not confirm or deny reports that the State had asked to defer €31 billion worth of Anglo loans.
Kenny: Government has "nothing to fear" from an EU referendum
The government has “no fear or concern” about the prospect of having to put the fiscal compact deal to vote.
Poll: How would you vote in a referendum on the new EU treaty?
EU leaders will meet tomorrow to discuss the fiscal compact. But how will you vote if Ireland does hold a referendum?
IMF: Eurozone debt crisis to slow down the world economy
The IMF has dramatically downgraded its expectations for economic growth around the world, with Europe to blame.
Hungary could lose EU funding over failure to sort domestic budget
Although the Budget deficit for 2012 will be within EU limits of 3 per cent of GDP, it’s only because of one-off windfalls.
Lagarde: Deeper integration necessary to end euro crisis
As finance ministers meet in Brussels, the IMF chief says Europe must integrate more build ‘larger firewalls’ to move on.
IMF set to raise $500bn in bid to boost lending power
The IMF says it’s likely to be asked to lend $1 trillion in the next two years – and will set about raising the cash it needs to do so.
Kenny says no decision due on holding of EU referendum
A decision can’t be made on holding a referendum until the final text of the deal is agreed – and that won’t be for a while.
S&P runs riot in the eurozone: France loses AAA rating as Portugal turns to junk
A French downgrade is bad news for us, too – because Europe’s bailout fund is also likely to be downgraded by S&P.
Ireland plans to return to bond markets this year
The NTMA’s John Corrigan reveals that Ireland will stage a “phased re-entry” with the sale of short-term bonds this year.
Good news for the euro? Italian bond yields fall below 5 per cent
The financially troubled country received a favourable response to its latest bond auction.
Latest draft of EU deal raises further questions of Irish referendum
Even if Ireland does not need a referendum on ratifying the deal this year, one may be required later in the decade.
Column: I don't have political leanings - but neither, it seems, has Labour
This week, former trader Nick Leeson explains how he left London believing all UK political parties were the same – and how it looks like Ireland’s Labour party is also losing its Robin Hood status.
Lagarde: The euro will survive 2012
The IMF chief says the debt crisis – which has dragged the euro to its lowest for over a year – will not kill the currency this year.
Euro nears 12-month low after poor demand at German auction
While the demand for the latest batch of 10-year bonds was higher than November, it was far below the usual standard.
Greece: If we can't finalise second bailout, we'll have to leave the euro
The Greek government warns that talks to finalise a default on some sovereign bonds have the euro’s future at stake.
'Super Mario' encouraged by drop in Italy's borrowing costs
But Italy’s prime minister warned that the turbulence affecting his country and the wider eurozone is not over.
Recessions, downgrades and Super Mario - 2011: the year in money
2011 may be remembered in future as the year we sorted out the financial crisis – or the year in which it grew beyond our control.
Italian parliament passes vote of confidence in Monti's government
The Italian senate follows the chamber of deputies in passing a motion of confidence in Mario Monti’s technocratic cabinet.
ECB reports biggest-ever demand from banks for cheap loans
The ECB’s one-off round of three-year loans sees more demand than anticipated, sending stock markets down.
Euro members agree €150bn in new loans to IMF - but UK opts out
George Osborne told EU finance ministers that Britain would only act as part of a G20 plan, and not within the EU.
The single image that explains what happens if we leave the euro
This image from Boston Consulting Group provides a handy guide to the practical impact of leaving the common currency.
Hold the phone: EU finance ministers to hold teleconference over debt crisis
The talks are expected to focus on measures to boost the International Monetary Fund’s firepower.
Lagarde: Europe's problems can't be solved by Europe alone
The IMF head and former French finance minister calls for a united global effort to avoid a 1930s-style meltdown.
UK to play observer role in fiscal union negotiations
The UK is to “engage constructively” with other European countries over plans to create a greater fiscal union within the EU – despite its decision not to take part in the agreement itself.
Referendum will effectively decide whether Ireland wants to keep the euro – Noonan
Michael Noonan also says that only the nitty-gritty of the new European treaty will indicate whether a vote is needed.
DUP MPs warn that EU deal may hit Ireland's corporation tax
Ian Paisley Jr and Nigel Dodds tell the House of Commons that Ireland will face further pressure to raise the 12.5 per cent rate.
Belgium, Spain and bailout fund perform better in bond auctions
There’s little respite for Greece, though, which is asked to pay a higher yield on an experimental auction of short-term bonds.
Barroso hails Euro deal - but slams UK's "impossible" demands
European Commission president Jose Manuel Barroso says last week’s deal is a compromise of ’27 minus’, not of ’17 plus’.
Kenny to brief opposition leaders on Brussels deal
Representatives of Fianna Fáil, Sinn Féin and the independent benches will attend a briefing on the deal struck by 26 countries.
Irish remain generally positive towards the euro - CNN poll
The poll carried out this week found that over half of Irish people believed it had been a good move for Ireland to join the euro.
What's in the new EU deal - and what does it mean for Ireland?
We try to cut through the legal language and figure out precisely what 26 EU members have signed up to in Brussels.
Hungary may adopt new EU deal - with UK veto the only obstacle to Treaty change
Hungary may now also sign up to the deal agreed by euro members overnight – leaving the UK as the only EU member outside it.
In full: the deal struck by 26 of the 27 EU members
The full text of the deal adopted by euro members, and by at least six – and potentially nine – of the other 10 EU members.
UK and Hungary veto plans for EU Treaty change after all-night talks
Overnight talks in Brussels fail to reach a deal, with at least 23 countries instead signing up to a ‘fiscal compact’.
Kenny and Sarkozy underline differences ahead of crunch EU summit
Speaking at an EPP congress in Marseille, Kenny wants Europe to use the treaty it has – and Sarkozy demands a new one.
“We are not printing punts” – Central Bank responds to WSJ ‘printing press’ report
The Wall Street Journal’s people-in-the-know say the Central Bank of Ireland is evaluating whether it needs new printing presses.
EU leaders head to Brussels for make-or-break euro summit
Over a dozen heads of state – including Enda Kenny and Angela Merkel – will meet in Marseille before the crisis summit.
‘Merkozy’ urge common taxes ahead of EU summit
In their submission to the European Council ahead of the EU leaders’ summit tomorrow, Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy outline proposals to harmonise corporation tax and impose a new financial transaction tax.